Sunday, April 10, 2011

Black Doors

My latest craving...

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This is the one that did me in...

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Of ALL fabulous things to crave...I crave a black door. Not sure why. I just need one.

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I think once the front of our house is updated (by "updated" I mean after every trace of the late 70's has been ripped off and then burned)(you have to burn it to make sure it's dead) a black door would look incredibly chic.

Our current door is a boring tragedy from 1995.


I didn't even bother painting it the same white as all the other doors because I want it to go away before I get the chance.

There is a boring boob light above the door that is also on my hit list! I'm liking the idea of a Moravian star pendant above the door.

A blown up image of my dream door taped to the front of this door will have to suffice for awhile. Unless I find one on the cheap and make it how I want it. Something tells my crafty self that this solution is highly probable.

Bottom line: Doors are important. They are the exclamation point to the front of your home.

They can either make you want to open them because you can't help but wonder what's behind them, or they can scare you and send you the message that you probably aren't welcome.

I once wanted to go shopping in at an optometrists office because of it's pretty blue door. I didn't need glasses!! I almost convinced myself that maybe I could use a pair. That is how powerful and tricky a door can be.

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P.S. Can someone please turn this knob from Anthropologie into a real door knob?? It would look fabulous on my future black door!

I hope you are all getting a great start to your week and can't wait to stop by and see what you've all been up to!



  1. you could TOTALLY pull off a black door there, do it!!

  2. A black door would be the perfect contrast in that area. Girl, you can do this in a couple of hours some weekend. Our front door is black and I swear to you my husband had it painted in no time one Saturday morning. Even without the light you're coveting that would make such a nice change in that area.

  3. Oooh these are beautiful! I love black doors. Right now my front door, that really no one goes to because the path actually leads into the house, not the door due to remodeling, is red with some purple and white and blue I think. Ugh!! I would love a new door too and I like the idea of just a blow up picture until we can get one! I have the boob light too. :)
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend, I need to catch up a bit! :)

  4. I'm a huge fan of the black doors. I have to say that even though your door is not your dream door, it would look amazing painted black. I say go for it. It seriously is an afternoon of work, not even!

  5. Do it! You will love it! I just painted our door black a few months ago and love the results. It made a huge change in the room. Best of all, it took a toddler nap time to achieve black bliss.

    Here's the link:

    I used BM's Black Panther.


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