Monday, April 4, 2011

Bailey's Pink and Green Room

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you are all getting a great start to your week.

My weekend was full of spring cleaning and debating the changes that need to be made to create Bailey's big girl room.

I had to do another olioboard. This time it's green, pink, and turquoise.

Her room is already green and pink. The green is driving me insane!! It must go! It's also feeling too cutesy. I'm over it.

It's only allowed to stick around in small doses.

The dark furniture must go too! I'll probably paint it. Not sure yet. I just know I'm over this too.

I decided on the green, pink, and turquoise because Bailey has lots of meaningful artwork that will only fit into the green and pink categories.

I was a little bold with my framing choices. To say the least.

I couldn't help it. I was hormonal! Besides, I'm a green and pink kind of girl.

Turns out, so is Bailey. Chip off the ol block I tell ya!

I would hate to take them down.

The jeep illustration was done by my pretend sister Jess. I love it!! The letter J truly is for Jeep in this family! I have a feeling her daddy will build her a pink one someday :)

I painted this "pennies from heaven" illustration when I was pregnant with the little stinker. I still love this frame because you don't see frames like this everyday.

This alphabet print was a gift from Jess.

Bailey will just have to take this stuff down herself one day. You know, after she decides that she's way too mature for this kind of stuff.

Here is her inspiration board. It's been around since day 1 collecting all of the good memories.

Here is what her new and improved big girl room could look like:

I still LOVE this one....A LOT!!!

It's just not the perfect fit. Yet.

If you need a Madeline inspired room for your little girl, I would still love to create one! Just let me know and I'll be all over that like stink on poop!

Now I gotta get going on this room so that it's done before she turns 13!!



  1. Both designs are pretty. As a mother of a now 16 year old I think it's smart that both of your designs include a neutral color for the high ticket items. We've only been in our current home for 7 years and my daughter has already had 3 different comforters and two different wall colors. Thankfully, the white furniture worked with everything!

  2. Going white with the furniture would be a great idea.....I did that with my 5 yr olds room last yr and have been so happy with it....Both boards are perfect but I can see why you are leaning towards this last one! She will love it I am sure!!!

  3. Things are looking good. The artwork is so perfect and your frames are great. I know this room will be a gorgeous room that girls both young and old will be envious of:)

  4. What if you did purple, white and yellow with pops of green? We could re-frame the jeep with green and then it would go... I'm just trying to think of how you can retain the art but still give it a shock with new color...

    OR, I could make her some new art when I find the time in the next year or so!!!

  5. Wow, I can't decide which scheme I like better! They're both so great. The painted chest you picked is gorgeous, gorgeous.


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