Monday, March 28, 2011

Suzanni Headboard

She's all done!!

AND you're getting a sneak peak at my "private resort bedroom" aka "no kids allowed", "peace and quiet" room.

It's slowly coming together!

The next post will be about other fabrics that I'm looking at for some color.

I still need a blanket for the "supervisor" to sleep on, and a small pillow or two just for fun.

They will probably be turquoise, grass green, or pink. Shhh! Don't tell the Mr.! He's color blind and thinks that all the pink is really tan! Let's just keep this little pink secret to ourselves :)

Another project to scratch off the list!!

You also get the DIY instructions from me.

Well, in the best way I can explain anyway.

Here's how I/we did it. It was a family affair...

My hubby helped me cut the plywood because I'm scared of cutting large sheets of wood. He also helped me flip and carry it because I'm no she-man!

As for the cutting, I can just imagine the plywood falling and sending the saw up in the air.

While highly unlikely, I'm not messing around!! Sometimes other people need to do what they do best!

Anyway, I used 1" plywood.

I determined the height and width I wanted and told the Mr. He cut it down to the right size and then I drew the shape I wanted on the top.

You only have to draw one half of the top because after you cut it, you can use the cut piece as a template for the other side. Just flip it over and trace it. That is how you can be sure you have a symmetrical design on the top. I wish I had a picture of this!

After it's all cut, it's time for the foam. I used 1" foam and got it 40% off at Joannes.

I put the board on top of the foam and just used scissors to cut the shape. When using foam this thin, there isn't any need to get out the serrated knife.

Just roughly cut the shape. It doesn't have to be perfect because the batting that goes on top will smooth it all out.

You can use spray adhesive (a.k.a stink adhesive) to get the foam to stick to the plywood or use staples.

I used this scary thing!!! An air powered staple gun.

Also known as, the "Je-je-je- Jesus!!!" gun.


Because it unexpectedly kicks itself on and scares the Bejeezus out of me!!

As for batting, I used quilting batting that came in a roll. Again, 40% off at Joannes.

The batting serves as a buffer between the foam and fabric. It smooths out any dimples in the foam and creates softer edges for the fabric to be wrapped around, therefore adding durability to the fabric on the edges.

Stretch it over the entire piece and pull the edges tightly while stapling it in place.

You don't really have to worry about bulkiness on the back because you can cut it out later. It's more important to get your edges and corners nice and smooth.

Here's the back side of mine:

After the batting is stapled in place, it's time for the fabric.

I measured the amount of fabric needed and added at least 10 inches to the overall measurements in order to have plenty of fabric to wrap around the sides. It's always better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

I laid the cut fabric out on the floor and set the headboard on top.

You can start out easy on one of the sides:

I started stapling in one of the corners.

If you're nervous about corners I would start on one of the bottom corners for practice since you won't really see it.

This part is hard to explain. First, I pulled part of the corner fabric back so that it was laying diagonally across the board and pointing to the lower, opposite corner. (make sense??) Then I stapled that chunk in place.

Then, I took the rest of the corner fabric and wrapped it around, laying it on top of the previously stapled piece.

It created a nice corner without any lumps.

As for the curves...that's where the trouble can happen.

This is where having some sewing knowledge will come in handy.

Just like when you sew curves in a piece of clothing, you have to cut and ease the fabric. You do this by cutting slits into the fabric. The slits allow the fabric to ease around the edges.

Don't be afraid to cut into the fabric on the back side. You won't see it anyway. As long as you have enough to staple down and your curved edges look good, you'll be golden.

Keep going and pulling the fabric tightly as you go.

Before you know it, you'll be done!!

Totally worth all the hard work and scariness!

Total cost was about $140 with all the supplies and fabric. I already had the staples and the scary staple gun.

As for attaching it to the bed...I wasn't there. I know it involved some drilling of holes and some bolts. If you really need help on this part, just shoot me an email and I'll ask the Mr. what he did :)

Can't wait to share the room when it's all done!!

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to help.

Hope you're all getting a good start to your week!


  1. Oh my - this is gorgeous! I want!

  2. You have been one busy woman lately! Loving that gorgeous headboard. I need to see a shot of the entire room!!! So what's up next?

  3. Love it, Love it, Love it! Great instructions...High 5 to you and hubby!....I am leaning towards this "headboard making" direction too....I am wanting one real bad!..just not sure about all the details yet!!!

  4. I love that it was a labor of love for the whole family :) P.S. I need a little tiny Bama pillow because he has taken to sharing ours and sleeping like a human. (we let him because we just cut his hair and he shivers too much at night, haha) oh gohs. I sound like crazy dog lady. ok bye!

  5. Beautiful Kelle! I love the fabric and the design of the head board. Your private resort bedroom is turning out so beautiful! I love your instructions and I will not tell your hubby about the pink! That it too cute! :)

  6. It's fabulous! Thanks for all the tips, I often wondered how it was possible to work with all those curves-but that's what makes the headboard look so special.

    Enjoy your resort bedroom!

  7. Great job and detailed tutorial. Love the fabric and results. Bravo!!

  8. That is a no joke project, your husband is a good sport, and it came out beautifully! So fun!

  9. It looks amazing...can't wait to see it finished!!

  10. Very well done! It looks fabulous! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  11. This is gorgeous Kelle! I love the fabric too. You did a great job pulling this all together. Thanks so much for stopping by. I am a little busy these days myself so I understand the lack of visiting. I have started this newbie helping venture and it has really taken off. I host a newbie link up party every Monday for blogs under 100 followers or less than 6 months. It has been great fun to watch these gals make new friendships along the way. Take care.

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