Saturday, March 5, 2011

Still Learning : Part 2 of 277987082349

I finally found a product that would stop the horrendous pink acne from seeping through the paint on my fabulous new dresser!!!

This was the problem....acne..

Notice how red this wood was...

Next time I will consider this a warning and know just what to do!

I wish it was in good enough condition to re-stain, but too many pieces of the veneer were missing.

What was the answer to this nightmare on primer street???

It was a Shellac based primer by Zinsser. Also known as B.I.N. From now on, if I even sense that a project is gonna throw some trouble my way, I'm pulling out this big guy!


The cons to using B.I.N.: It's really stinky and hard to clean up (you have to use lots of ammonia) but it's worth it, knowing that I won't be unhappily surprised by the reappearance of a stain. It's also rather runny so you have to be extra careful not to have drips.

This primer is also what you want to use if you are covering a knot or sap spot.

The pros: The good news about this product is that the smell dissipates rather quickly, and it dries very quickly because it has an alcohol base. You can get to your next coat in a snap.


Would you have ever guessed that the product that would end up saving my life was made by bugs??

Shellac is the product of an insect?? Who knew?? The story is that shellac starts with a small scaly insect found in India that is attracted to the twigs of several species of tree. The bugs suck the sap from the tree for nourishment and as part of their reproductive process they excrete a resin to protect themselves and their eggs. This resin is called lac and is the raw material used to make shellac.

I don't know about you, but I am quite thankful for those little bugs right about now!!!

Some of my favorite things now have a home to rest on.

A beautiful little covered dish for earing backs....from my favorite little store, Embellished Heart!

It says "SCHWAAANG!!!" when you open it.

You know that sound when you open the lid on a silver not only looks fancy, but it sounds fancy too!!

We must give our fabulous selves fancy things that can make the ordinary things, like earring backs, super fancy. We're worth it!

Now for some helpful hints if you're dealing with a project that came with a stench:

1. I use dryer sheets to start. Place one of your favorite dryer sheets in each drawer and leave it there for a few days. My dresser smells like lavender and vanilla now! I might just leave them in there!

2. If the dryer sheets don't work try spraying a rag with Febreeze and rubbing down the inside of the drawers.

3. If you are still stuck with a stench you can try putting some of those magic smell erasers (or crystals) in each drawer for a few days and see if that does the trick.

4. Last resort, kitty litter. It works for the cats! You can sprinkle some in each drawer and give it a few days to absorb the smell. The clean up will be a pain, but it just might be the answer you're looking for.

Next, I need to find smaller lamps for the dresser. These were great on our old dresser, which was lower and wider, but they are just a bit much on this one.

Hopefully this is the last chapter on this piece, but I'm sure I'll have Part 3 of 277987082349 of my lessons to share with you soon!!

Always living and learning, right??

Hope you're all having a great Monday!


  1. It looks fan-tabuolous!! How ever did you get such a large, heavy dresser in that room? You must have had a big strong man.... ;)

    Love you and good job!

  2. This looks awesome. I think your earring "jar" is also a French butter many uses! I like the lamps personally...looks bold.
    Mary Ann

  3. Awesome Job Kelle! It looks so nice! I love your lamps and your mirror too! Very Classy!!! And thanks for the very helpful tips!!

  4. It turned out really beautiful. Glad to have that behind you?

  5. Looks great. Thanks for learning those lessons - I will take advantage of your learning curve soon. :)

    Have a GORGEOUS week my dear Kelle.


  6. WOW, love the dresser Kelle!! Very nicely done and good for you for persevering and getting it done right.


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