Monday, March 14, 2011

Self Expression...

Another lesson from moi, regarding self expression in your home :)

Shall I put on a seminar?

I found this plate highly appropriate.

When I came home from Embellished Heart and showed the Mr. my latest purchase, all he could do was laugh and shake his head.

He said, "that is totally you, my dear"


"except it should say, "This is my house and I'll do as I DAMN well please!"

There are specific times of the month when it would be more fitting for the plate to read: "This is my @!$#%^&ing house and I'll do whatever the H@## I want!!"

During such a delicate time, it would also be appropriate for the plate to have a sister plate that reads:
"Now give me some @$#%$%$ money!! I'm going shopping!!"

The fact that this lovely little plate is garnished with such delicate flowers makes it that much more hilarious to me. Wouldn't you expect a psalm or something?

Spring has sprung in my kitchen...

Thank you hubby for the flowers that I specifically asked for!!

Sometimes you have to spell things out for them.

What would your sassy plate say??

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!!


P.S. I've been extremely busy around the house, as well as with my projects, and the tutorial on the Suzanni headboard is coming very soon. I also have something crazy that I did to a chair coming up too. You're all really gonna think I'm nuts!!

P.S.S. The hand painted wallpaper design is also coming along. I'm about 1/30th of the way done!!


  1. that plate is awesome, and so is your re-rendition of it :)

  2. Hello, dear Kelle! When I saw your tulips in the photos, I had to come over to see better because I love them. In Brazil, the tulips are very rare and soooooo expensive and when we buy some, we must put some ice cubes on the earth twice a day - otherwise, they don´t last more than 1 or 2 days....

    Kisses for you, my darling
    Sao Paulo - Brazil

  3. Love it! I looked at the plate and actually thought it should say DAMN so it's great that your husband thought the same. My plate would hang in the kitchen and it would say, "didn't I feed you yesterday?"
    Can't wait to see your crazy chair.

  4. It's a fantastic plate. I hope somebody can come up with customizing plates just like that. Have a delightful weekend, Kellie xx

  5. Busy! When do you have time to write posts with all of those projects?


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