Friday, March 18, 2011

Say What???

Have you ever attempted painting the fabric on a piece of furniture?

I have.

Twice now.

Sounds crazy, right?

The first time was on a Chippendale sofa that had horrible water stains. I went all out with latex paint. In the end I wasn't happy with how stiff and cold the fabric felt. However, I wasn't at a loss, seeing as how the sofa was unacceptable to begin with.

That sofa is now on my re-upholster list.

The second time, which is what I'm about to explain, my friend Tori gave me an idea. She said " I don't see why you can't just put some paint in a spray bottle, add some water, and lightly spray the fabric to get it to be the color you're after".

"Dyeing" the fabric if you will *

So, I did it.

You see, the chair that my fabulous little client, Miss Emely, insisted on having, was the wrong color. It was a coral/peach-y color...

Not exactly the perfect fit for a room filled with bright whites, turquoise, and magenta.

So, I tried out this idea...

This is how I did it:
1. Put on crappy clothes that I didn't care about
2. Filled a spray bottle up about 1/4 of the way with your paint color.
3. Filled the rest of the way with water
4. Set the sprayer on a fine mist
5. Sprayed a little
6. Dabbed a little
7. Had a mild heart attack
8. Thought to myself "What did I just do????"
8. Stopped.
9. Went upstairs to computer.
10. Shopped for new fabric in the right color
11. Found fabric for $24/yard...yikes!!!
12. Went to bed.
13. Couldn't sleep.
14. Decided to paint walls instead.
15. Avoided project for a few days
16. Decided avoiding the chair wasn't going to make a new chair appear
17. Sprayed some more
18. Dabbed some more
19. Crossed my fingers
20. Walked away
21. Came back the next day and was pleasantly surprised that the chair didn't look ruined.

This was before the final spray...

Not too shabby, eh?

This chair is still considered a "test" to me. I won't be satisfied until I'm certain that anyone wearing white pants can sit on it and not get a pink butt, and until I'm certain that it won't develop a strange stench. I'm giving it some time.

Meanwhile, my basement looks like a crime scene. If you attempt this, and you care about your floor,walls, or ceiling, cover them up. Somehow you end up spraying everything!!

I will forever have a pink basement floor as a reminder of this project:)

Here is the chair after it's final spray....

I'm pretty happy with it. Thanks to Tori for the idea and the vote of confidence!

Now if Emely isn't happy...I have another upholstery project to do!

What crazy thing have you attempted lately??

Hope you all have a fabulous and productive weekend!

P.S. Miss Emely's room reveal will be happening very soon! Stay tuned!

*This is only a good idea if you're ok with possibly ruining a perfectly fine piece of furniture.

** I would only do this to make a subtle change to the existing fabric. Making a peach color look more pink is a subtle move. I would not try to make a white chair, blue.

*** You want to use as little paint spray as possible and dab away the excess in order to stop the foam and batting underneath from getting soaked. This will equal future mold or a horrible stench. Not good.


  1. Excellent idea, Kelle! And it came out perfectly!!!!!!


  2. I've heard of people stencilling fabric but never spraying it. What a brilliant idea. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it works for you. Good for you for trying it...Happy weekend xo Carol

  3. Yes, you def need to change your name to something more like "i try crazy projects' hahaha love it :)

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  5. It looks pretty great! I'd think that once the paint was dry, it would be pretty well set and wouldn't come off on some white pants, but I suppose the only way to really be sure is to try it!

    Congrats to Tori on a great idea! Congrats to you to having the determination to get it done! Congrats to Nick for not killing you over the newly pink basement! ;) Love - Jess

  6. Oh girl you are my hero!!! I now know that indeed you can paint everything and I will be sharing this with my family who makes fun of me by always saying to me "What? You gonna paint that too??" Now I can say, why yes I am!!! :)
    It turned out beautiful and I can't wait to see it in her room! :)

  7. amei a ideia serĂ¡ que aqui no brasil tem?me diga o nome por favor ,bjssss


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