Friday, March 25, 2011

Miss Emely's Room: Part 3

So, how does one make a small room function in at least 20 different ways?

You steal space from wherever you can.

Like the closet.

Emely is not your average pre-teen...she actually doesn't have 900 pairs of shoes and 9000 pieces of clothing. Back in the day, I was the exact opposite!! What can I say? I've always been a shoe whore!

Anyway, Emely only had about 10 dresses and a few sweaters and coats hanging up in her closet.

We weighed our options. Leave the clothes hanging and let them take up some major real estate, or put them away. Which would be more functional? Which items need to be more accessible? A desk/vanity, or dresses and coats?

The answer is behind Door Number 1...

Bada bing, bada boom

So where did all her clothes go??

I threw them out.

Just kidding! They're under her bed. Her dresses are lying flat in long storage bins and her sweaters and coats are folded nicely in some bins too.

She has a beautiful shabby chic mirror which was another purchase from Embellished Heart. This mirror is very nicely made and extremely heavy! Not bad at all for $25!

She has a desk lamp for doing homework. A sweet find that needed some spray paint! Total cost around $8!!

She has an inspiration board for all of her artistic inspirations. I started it out for her with some paint samples from her room in case she wants to paint something that matches her decor. The cork board was a clearance item from Hobby Lobby and cost $6. We painted it and it fit perfectly inside this heavy duty frame from Artworks.

Emely already had the desk, but it had some outdated hardware, so we changed them out for some fresh and clean pulls. Just a simple change that cost about $16. They make the desk look and feel way more expensive.

P.S. My husband picked out the hardware! Didn't he do a good job? Now I know I can trust him to make last minute purchases when we're short on time!

The desk chair is from Classroom Consignment and cost $10. Emely painted it white all by herself! She didn't know that it would end up inside her fabulous closet, but she was more than happy to help. I recovered the seat cushion with some remnants from her pillow shams. A five minute make-over that is super easy!

Above the desk area is more storage. These aren't even full so she has room to spare.

Doesn't every kid have 900 stuffed animals? Where do they all come from?? They're like rabbits! Somehow they multiply themselves when you aren't looking!

I kept a couple of her special ones down and put the rest up. Let's face it. They never play with them all, but they won't let them go. I was that girl once, so I let her keep them. She'll purge when she's ready.

For the walls to the left and right of her closet I kept it simple.

Another piece from my portfolio. I knew she would appreciate the colors and the piece adds a clean modern touch.

I love this piece by the little Miss!! I commissioned a similar one for my house! Isn't she amazing!? She's already receiving commissions at the age of 9!!

She has some wall space left where she can add her future creations.
After all, Artists and designers are never truly "finished" with their work.

I hope you all have enjoyed seeing this special project. It has meant the world to me!

I have one more short but sweet post to do about this room. There is another special piece of art that deserves some attention.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!!


  1. This room is too dang cute! Don't think my boys could be neat enough to keep their clothes under the bed though. I'm loving She & Him - going to find it on Pandora.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Ya dun gud! I'm proud of you and all the fabulous-ness you do....that husband of yours must be a keeper ;)

    Love you!

  3. I have so loved looking at this project, you did SUCH a good job!!

  4. Wow again Kelle. That is fantastic. I am sooo impressed with your work. xo Carol

  5. great use of space! i like that it's still basically intact, so that if she ever wants to turn it back to a closet she can. her art is beautiful--she needs an Etsy store, I'd buy something!

  6. I LOVE IT! You did such an amazing job with this space - it is so beautiful!

    Additionally, you (and Tori) have inspired me to "spray paint" a photo book for Kate's bridal shower - I'll let you girls know how it turns out!

    I love you! You are brilliant!

  7. I would have loved a little dressing area like that when I was her age, adorable.

  8. thanks for your response on that fashion/fem post! It was good to read - I think I can see me not caring AS much about fashion in general - but I do like shopping/finding clothes that I like!

  9. That was a great idea! Those cornice boards are so classy.....I am all for having her clothes in bins, it makes it easy to get to and now she has extra space! Way to be thinking!


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