Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miss Emely's Room: Part 2

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I have more of Miss Emely's room to share!

I'll start with a Before and After.

Mainly because I LOVE before and after shots!!

Here is her dresser wall...

TA DA!!!

The matching lamps are from Target. They came in just under $40. The lamp shades were plain white and were a steal at $5.99 each! I added black ribbon to the bottom with some hot glue. A fast and easy upgrade.

Family photos with fabulous frames!!

These pictures are just a couple of her "meaningful objects". A happy moment captured during a vacation with her Mom and Brother, and a family photo with all of her cousins.

I found both frames at the Home Goods Store for under $15.

Gold AND silver??

Usually people think that you can only have one or the other.

I say, why should a girl have to pick just one? Make them both work!

This frame reminded me of a bracelet and I couldn't resist!

Now for the artwork on the walls...

This is a piece that I did in college for a Color Theory and Elements of Design class. It was tucked away in one of my portfolios and I realized that the colors would work perfectly in her room. The shapes in the composition, which include a tube of lipstick, a lamp, and a curvy stairway, are quite appropriate for a girl's room. I knew that it was meant to be hers. Besides, what good was it doing stashed away on a bookshelf?

The frame was generously gifted from my favorite art supply and custom frame shop...Artworks of Kenosha. Thank you Chet!!

Another piece that I doodled up one day with Miss Emely in mind. I wanted to do something for her that had all of her favorite purples and a whimsical composition. The fabulous gold frame is another from Artworks.

This one is really special!

Her little brother, who is only 3, cut this heart out of pretty pink glitter paper, and gave it to her on Valentines Day!! How sweet is that?!?

I decided to just stick it up on the wall in one of the oval frames. Otherwise, it would just be stashed away somewhere. Someday, we might seriously have it matted and framed, but for now, sticking it on the wall with tape, in true tween fashion, seemed most appropriate.

Although we completely changed her room, we left just one of her lady bugs from her "little girls" room. Maybe to honor the transformation and the room's past?
Even though she is a fabulous pre-teen, she still has fuzzy memories of her rooms past. Why should she have to totally give them up? And even though her Dad won't admit it, he still wanted to hang onto those lady bugs because they make him feel like his little girl is still little. Who'd blame him, right?

Remember this chair? It's the perfectly cozy reading chair that I sprayed with paint. It came from one of my favorite little shops, Embellished Heart.

She's at home now in Emely's room and the paint/water spray worked!!! It was a complete success! A HUGE Thank You to Tori!!! Without her idea and support I wouldn't have done it. I would have chosen the path of severe resistance!

She can also sit or kneel in it and doodle on her chalk boards. The paint made it that much more durable! I love it when a plan comes together!!

Notice my supervisor was present. Emely's little brother likes to pretend he has a dog sometimes :)

There is a reason (or three) for having three chalkboards...

One is for daily doodles...she is an artist you know!

Frame: ten dollar flea market find!

One is for her inspiring word of the day...

....this day it was "love"...because that is what receiving a fabulous room makeover made her feel!

The oval one is for faces that express how she is feeling...

This one looks rather serene and content. I guess that is what having a peaceful room does to a girl. AND once those teen years roll around with hormones in tow, her parents will know to let her be when the face is a disgruntled one!

The fabulous Louis style frames are more ready-mades from Artworks. Thanks Chet!! He knows that I have an extreme weakness for all things Louis!

Thats all for Part 2 folks!

You'll see how I tackled storage issues and her closet in Part 3.

Hope you are all having a great week! I hope to get around to all of your blogs to see what you've been up to!



  1. This is such a sweet room. I love how you incorporated meaningful art and places for her to be creative. Adorable!

  2. oh my goodness kelle, what a great job! looks fabulous. and i love that art piece you did in the white frame, that's awesome. Hope you made copies! jxx

  3. I love that you gave her a real piece of original art (yours!) in her room. One of my favorite elements of the room is the frames. The round silver one on the dresser looks like something you'd see at Ralph Lauren home-but they'd probably charge $120!

  4. Kelle is just beautiful and I love the frames and artwork! The chalkboards are brilliant, I love it!! What a fun thing for a little girl to do each day. :) The chair looks perfect in there and I am so glad that it turned out, you are amazing my friend! :)

  5. This room is magazine ready Kelle. I want to live in there. She must be so thrilled. Awesome job!!!

  6. Emely and I have the same dog...I mean, your supervisor. What a darling, personality filled room.


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