Monday, March 21, 2011

Miss Emely's Room: Part 1

We had a VERY busy weekend finishing up Miss Emely's room!! I will reveal it to all of you in three parts. There is just so much to cover!

We worked like crazy installing everything on Saturday while Emely and her little brother were at their Grandma's house. We held them off as long as we could....past 10pm...and then in a mad dash we got everything cleaned up and ready to surprise her.

It was the BEST feeling ever!! Seeing how happy she was made me teary eyed!

I've never done a surprise reveal. I wish I could do one every day!! Even though it's a lot of work to do everything in one day, it's so worth it!!

Now for a little bit about my client:

I've known Emely and her family for over six years now. It all started when her mother, Maria, was hired as an assistant at the law firm I used to work at. My first words to Maria went something like this: "OH my God! You are so cute! I LOVE your shoes!!" Instant Besties!

Since then, we have been the only "white people" at Emely and Pablo's birthday parties :) We stick out like soar thumbs, but we love being the foreigners amongst such a loving family.

Emely, the birthday girl on the left, is completely beautiful, inside and out! Just like her Mother. I nearly cry every time I talk about her.

She is so patient with her three year old brother. Way more patient than I would ever be! It's like she has the patience and wisdom of a 90 year old. She has a heart made of gold! She is a princess in the most unspoiled and humble way. She is a helper, a teacher, and a great listener.

Imagine having a little girl that is so helpful and kind that the Vice Principal of her school finds the need to call you just to tell you how great your kid is. Do you see why she makes me cry?!

Now for how her room came together:

We started with a consultation where Emely told me everything that she feels she needs and wants.

Wants/Needs list:
Storage, storage, and more storage
A room that feels bigger
A room that reminds her of the ocean
A space for doing homework
A space for reading
A chalkboard
A place for putting up her inspiration
A place for doing her hair
Lots of lighting
The colors turquoise, purple, and pink (Hannah Montana inspired)
Lots of ruffles
Lots of fabulous things
Lots of BLING!!

I took some inspiration from her clothes...

***Notice the polka dot leggings, pink, and purple flowers, and subtle black lines***

This was her room BEFORE: (these are the ONLY pics I had)

Her clothing translated into this bedding:

Now here's her bed!!!

(I wish colors would show up accurately!)

(Quilt from JCPenney $39; DKNY duvet cover and shams from Home Goods $40; Polka dot Sheets Ralph Lauren from Marshalls $35; Cynthia Rowley ruffled pillows from Marshalls $34; 3 Polka Dot pillows with inserts made by me $50)

Does a fabulous girl need 8 pillows on her bed?


Especially when she has lots of sleep overs!

There might seem to be lots of prints going on, but in person, it's not nearly as busy. Besides, the great thing about prints is that they will hide the little accidents that are bound to happen when you have a 3 year old brother!

When I have lots of prints going on in one area of a space, I try to keep the other areas as simple as possible. Just one piece of art on the opposite walls keeps the eye from getting overwhelmed. The simply elegant valances with the white drapes balanced everything out perfectly.

The custom wooden valances were made by my EXTREMELY helpful and talented husband!!! We make the perfect team! I dream it. He builds it. What more can a girl ask for??

The chandelier fits the bill for the much needed BLING! Emely wanted a similar chandelier to the one that is in my guest bedroom. I found a great deal on one with a white shade. with free shipping and a 10% off coupon!

Did you notice that Emely inherited my fabulous turquoise chest? After realizing that Emely was feeling claustrophobic BEFORE her room was even filled up, I decided to go with a smaller night stand. My turquoise chest fit the bill.

The other nightstand, that I posted about previously, is larger than this one by quite a bit, and would have made her room feel much smaller. I would have been ok with that, but Emely is much more sensitive than I am. The other nightstand now resides in my bedroom.

It's very important to listen to your clients and try your best to absorb what they are feeling. You must be flexible with your design plan because how your client is feeling matters way more than your plan or what you want as the designer.

On top of the night stand is a lamp from Embellished Heart.
Perfect for Emely's night time reading in bed.

A thrifted vase filled with fresh cut flowers. Something that a fabulous girl always deserves. Total cost $10.

A little treasure box filled with meaningful trinkets and memories. The picture on top is a cubed frame that she already had. It fit in with the new decor perfectly.

So there you have it. Part 1 of Miss Emely's fabulous pre-teen bedroom.

Stay tuned for the rest of the room!! I will share as many details as possible :)

Hope you are all getting a great start to your week!


  1. Wow, that is absolutely stunning!! She must be in heaven. Lucky, lucky girl. You rock Kelle.

  2. Absolutely adorable, Love it all, I can only imagine how excited she is about her grown up room,Kathysue

  3. Miss Emely sounds like a beautiful girl! I bet she adores her room! You did such a wonderful job Kelle!

  4. OH MY GOSH Kelle that is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful room for such a special little girl!! How fun to do a surprise reveal for her, you are the sweetest!!! I adore that bedding and do not think that it looks busy at all, it looks perfect!! I can't wait to see more and you and your hubby do make the perfect team!! :)

  5. Kelle, it is soooo beautiful. I love the quilt and all the pillows. What little girl wouldn't love that. I just know that she felt very grown up with a vase of tulips in her room. I'm sure her reaction was worth every minute you put into the project.

  6. You did such an amazing job - this looks great! I can only imagine Emely's reaction... she is such an amazing person, so good with all the kids and so pleasant and sweet to everyone, I'm glad you could reward her kind and patient heart with such an inspiring, beautiful space of her own.

    Great job!

  7. So great! I love all details in bed (who's gorgeous!!!). The turquese and black make a lovely contrast.


  8. Darling. Love how you tapped her wardrobe for inspiration.

  9. Lovely chic room! Very well done! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  10. ooo I love it so far!!! I can't wait to see more!

  11. HOW ...Please help me...How did you make the custome wooden valances and hang them...I have 2 girls 13 and 10 whose rooms need some TLC...I don't know where to begin, but I love your style...I HAVE the same tastes ...I love vintage chic...LOVE all...any help would be some much appreciated...!!!

  12. Leticia,
    It makes me happy that you appreciate my style! You can certainly make these valances if you have the tools. I should actually do a tutorial on how to make these since it's a detailed description. Can you leave me your email address and I'll send you instructions. Thanks so much for checking out all of my posts!

  13. HI Kelle ...Here is my email .. for direction to make wooden valances

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