Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Chair Story Continues

I have the final layer of fabric on the upper back of the chair. After two tries! The first try didn't go so well. Thankfully, I had enough fabric to give it another shot.

This was with the first layer of fabric...

Here is the final layer:

I think I did OK on the pleats. One side looks better than the other. I still have some tightening to do as you can still see some wrinkles.

The difficult part here is getting the fabric that is on the front of the chair through to the back of the chair. This involves cutting the fabric at just the right angle so that when you pull it through to the other side you have all the coverage you need on the sides.

My first try resulted in a hole on the side between the upper back and the seat. It was pretty ugly! Everything was going so well and then the hole happened.

Imagine a big hole right here:

Not a good place to have a hole.

I was ready to give up! Then my husband's friend, who was over playing jeeps in garage with my hubby, suggested I try it again, but leave myself some wiggle room for the corners. Some "room for error" if you will. I did and it worked!

If it weren't for his suggestion I believe this chair would be in the trash!

Remember how I was going to leave the back open like these chairs by Dan Marty:

Yeah....about that...that ain't happenin. This sort of design is not for an amateur to all!! This is for someone with a ton of experience. Why didn't my upholstery guy tell me how insane this idea was?? I can only imagine how hard he must have laughed after I left :)

If I never have to attempt a nail head design ever again, I will be one happy girl! This is one of those situations where you pay someone else to do what they do best.

Since I'm going it alone on this chair, I'm gonna put a back on, but still try to make it interesting since it will be sitting in front of a mirror.

Here are some ideas:

A simple monogram on the back

from the Southern Chateau decor blog

About 9 gazillion buttons...

From Simple Sewing With A French Twist, by Celine Dupuy

A girl can dream.

At this point, I would happily apply an iron-on monogram and call it a day :)

Hopefully, the next time you see this chair it will be on a post about how it's finished! I can't wait for that day to come!!

Hope you are all having a great week!


  1. man, when that chair is done you are going to feel so much satisfaction though!

  2. With all the knowledge you gained doing this project you'll be a pro in the end!

  3. It's still looking cool - even right NOW with the exposed back! I'm sure it will look BEAUTIFUL when it's done! Can't wait to see it!

  4. The chair is looking awesome Kelle. Keep up the good work. You might inspire me to take an upholstery class. Love the monogram too.

  5. I am sorry that it had been such a pain but I have to tell you that I like it with the open back like you have in the second picture. I think you are doing very well for never trying this before. Can you cover the edges with trim or ribbon? Anyway you do this I know it will look beautiful, you have done amazingly this far! :)

  6. I can feel the frustration. Once it's done you can pat yourself on the back and never look back. Isn't blogging great for keeping you on task. Otherwise, you may have thrown the chair in the garbage:)

  7. You are so right Carol!! I have to be accountable to my readers. I can't just give up :) Thanks for all of your encouragement! You're so sweet and talented!


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