Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update: Fabulous Kent Coffey Piece

Remember my fabulous $30 find for my client, Little Miss Emely?

She's practically finished!! All that is left is touching up the gold paint a bit and adding a piece of the original hardware behind the knobs. These round flower-y pieces to be exact...

I need longer screws in order to make that happen. I would jump right in the car and go get those, but there is a blizzard happening right about now. By Thursday we could have 20" of snow!!! Too bad Menards doesn't deliver!

Here is your sneak peak:

Total cost: $109.08 including 3 hours of my labor.

We stuck within our budget of $110 for the nightstand and in the end we have a fabulous, one of a kind, quality piece.

The entire piece is solid wood, the drawers have dovetail joints, and each drawer cavity is actually separate from the others. This is an added step that most manufacturers leave out to save on costs. While it's not a crucial detail, it's a nice feature, as it keeps items from falling behind the drawers and getting stuck behind the other drawers. The quality is in the details ;)

What more could a fabulous girl ask for?? Well, besides having it completely finished of course! As soon as this blizzard buzzes off.

Are you getting snowed in??

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Kelle that is so beautiful, you did an amazing job!! I can't wait to see it all finished and I bet she is a very happy girl!!

    It is supposed to start snowing tonight and they say up to 14"! Stay safe and warm and yes it is too bad that they don't deliver!! That would be great! :)

  2. Well done Kelle. I hope you're going to post a tutorial on this. Did you glaze it? I can't wait to see the reveal. Enjoy the snow, I"m kinda jealous I'll admit...Carol

  3. LOVE IT!!!! Great work as always=) I'm so proud of you!

  4. You are so gifted! It turned out beautifully! Will you please come to my house and decorate?


  5. Oh wow, you did such a good job!!

  6. Kelle, Thanks for visiting my blog for the Be Mine Bonanza! I just love this little table makeover! I like to makeover things from flab to fab, too!

  7. That is adorable, Kelle. Don't you just love a cheap find, especially when it's built well? And you're dead-on: it's all in the details, baby. Enjoy the snow. Down here in Alabama we don't get much, although we may get a teensy bit today.

  8. It looks beautiful Kelle, a classic piece that she can use for years. The white looks so fresh and the gold is just perfect for bringing out the detail.

  9. I just bought a chest of drawers in the same collection for $100. I love what you did to your piece....thinking about painting mine navy and hoping to find some killer hardware.
    Great job!

  10. It looks beautiful and i want to do something similar to the entire bedroom set i have which happens to be El Chico by Kent Coffey! I have a question on how you removed the top veneer layer? I tried a paint stripper but that got me nowhere...Can you tell me what you used?

    1. Congrats on finding an El Chico piece! I love mine and it is still in our bedroom! As for the veneer, I just sanded it and primed it with Zinsser BIN primer. Then two coats of paint and a clear coat. Removing that layer is not necessary. Good luck!

    2. Thank you I will try that! I found the entire 7 piece set at a garage sale 11 years ago for $250 and now my adult daughter wants to dress it up a little! Should be fun!

    3. Wow! All 7 pieces!? I would love to see a pic or two once they are finished!


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