Monday, February 21, 2011

Living with What you Love Part 4

Happy Monday everyone!

I guess this is another part to my series about living with what you love. I hadn't even realized that I had started a series that would continue like it has!

I thought I would give you all a sort of sneak peek into my front living and dining room project by sharing one of my significant items of meaning.

The butterfly.

I was never a butterfly person....and then my daughter came along. She has a way of changing the way I see things :)

I love how the butterfly is symbolic of transfiguration. It starts as the caterpillar, with it's incessant crawling and chewing, similar to our own normal earthly lives, where we are often wholly preoccupied with our physical needs.

Then the chrysalis or cocoon, which to me, resembles the transfiguration of Jesus from His earthly being, to His heavenly being. The empty cocoon, thereby resembling the empty shroud left behind by Jesus in the tomb. It represents a resurrection into a new life that is free of earthly concerns.

The butterflies frailty also resembles human frailty, both moral and physical.

In the Canadian Pacific Northwest, the Haida, depict the Butterfly as the companion to Raven the creator-trickster, which acknowledges the unpredictable and unreliable nature of "flights of fancy" and dreaming. I can totally relate to that!!

When decorating my daughter's nursery I came across four hand embroidered butterflies that my great grandmother, Mamie, had made. I put them up on my daughter's inspiration board in her room. These four butterflies are the only things that I have that she hand made. As Bailey got older she asked to touch them and play with them. I reluctantly took one down and let her play with it, and thankfully it has remained in good condition.

There are many references to butterflies in Greek mythology. In ancient Greek the word for butterfly is "psyche", which translates to mean "soul". The ancient Greeks considered butterflies to be the souls of those who had passed away. Is it a coincidence that the only objects I have that were made by my great grandmother are butterflies??? I think not.

At least two will have to remain in her room and I have yet to decide what I will do with the other two.

My daughter's favorite book is a Fancy Nancy book titled, Bonjour Butterfly! We read it nearly every day and we always make sure to say "Bonjour!!" when we see butterflies!! I will always associate butterflies with my daughter and the time we spend together reading. With that in mind, how can decorating with butterflies ever go stale??

Vintage butterfly prints that I picked up at a flea market for $5.

Not that I'm going butterfly crazy...but they will be making an appearance :)

I hope to stop by all of your fabulous blogs this week for my weekly dose of inspiration!



  1. aw, this made me remember how in mexico their symbol..maybe the state one. or something...anyway, it was a butterfly and it symbolized transformation and moving on becuase nothing around us stays the same. it was a beautiful story :)

  2. Great post Kelle. Twice we have brought home a crysalis and waited for it to turn into a butterfly and then the kids let it go. It is a really awesome experience. You should definitely do it with your daughter this summer.

  3. Beautiful post Kelle and how interesting about the butterflies being seen as those that have passed and that is what you have of your grandmothers. It is also so wonderful that your daughter has loved them as well. Butterflies are so beautiful and I think they are wonderful in and amongst the home. Beautiful prints you found.

  4. I was browsing mirrored frames and your blog came up. I really like what you have done with your thrifty finds. Newest Follower.

    Mr.Goodwill Hunting


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