Friday, February 25, 2011


Hooray that it's Friday!!

Double Hooray that I won an AWESOME give away!!!

Last week I entered Krystal's give away over at Village, and I totally didn't expect to win. I enter give aways ALL THE TIME and this is my first win!!! It only took a year :)

I received an email from Krystal letting me know that I had won these....

....completely fabulous earrings, and it totally made my day!! No wait. It totally made my week!! Thank you Krystal!!

Let me tell you, I had a HORRIBLE week!!! As you may have noticed, I was MIA, thanks to the stomach flu! YUCK!!! I still don't feel 100%, but I'm getting there.

Anywhoooo, enough about me and my disgusting week, I have to tell you more about these earrings. They are from the fabulous designer Sarah over at Noble Town Vintage, a super cool Etsy shop with jewelry made from vintage brass findings and raw gem stones. Make sure you go check it out!

I would also love to snatch these babies up:

These pieces can be dressy or casual. They have a cool rawness to them and you know how I just swoon over vintage findings!!! What more can a girl ask for?!? Well, besides the ability to eat solids.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and make sure to check out Krystal's fabulous blog and stop on by Noble Town Vintage.

Thanks again Krystal!!! I can't wait to strut these puppies out and about somewhere!


Noble Town Vintage


  1. Hope you feel better and wear your pretty earrings out...but take it easy.
    Mary Ann

  2. CONGRATS!!! Those are so pretty - you will definitely be able to rock those out!

    I miss you! I'm going to update my blog momentarily - but just with a teaser since I can't post much of what I've actually worked on because it's not in the mail yet!

    Love you! Feel better!

  3. Congrats, they are beautiful! Oh I hope you are feeling better now, no good being sick!


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