Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Inspiration Comes From Anywhere...

Like from a children's book...

I NEVER thought that while reading Chipmunk's ABC's, by Richard Scarry, to my daughter that I would be inspired to decorate.

More specifically, I never thought that I would immediately envision an entryway with an interesting old wooden door, crisp white walls, a chic coat rack and umbrella holder, and a fabulous black and white plaid rug atop dark hand scraped wooden floors. Do you see it? A red striped wing backed chair perhaps?

All of this from one page...about the letter Z.

These are images that came to mind:

For an entryway perhaps?

via decor pad

I would definitely need one of these:

Umbrella holder via Style at Home

AND Chipmunk made me want a red coat too!


Now all I need is a client who wants a "chipmunk" style entry way. Anyone???
I promise not to go nuts with plaid!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. That is too cute! I guess I have never really thought of it but kids books are probably great inspirations, they always have cozy homes and perfectly placed things...who knew is right!! :)

  2. Love it! I have been crazy for houndstooth lately! Gorgeous and chic! XX!

  3. You have to take your inspiration from wherever you can get it.

    BTW, I featured your kitchen yesterday, did you see?

  4. It's all very masculine and the best way!


  5. where can i purchase the Red Coat from please x

  6. @ Anonymous...I'm not sure where the red coat can be purchased. It looks like i found the image at Maybe there is more info there...Thanks for stopping by.


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