Monday, November 29, 2010


If I keep finding such big stuff, I'm gonna need me a big ol hillbilly truck!!

Isn't this chair SASSY? Look at that bird looking over her fabulous pink shoulder!

She's like "and WHAT exactly is it that you need??? I am busy painting my nails!!"

I found her at the School Days Mall, located in Sturtevant Wisconsin. It's an old school, turned antique heaven!

I caught my first glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye. A smirk immediately formed on my face. I knew. She knew. It was meant to be. It was love at first glimpse. Not only is she sassy, but she is super comfy and has perfect classic lines that will never go out of style! She sports my favorite pink peonies and large scale branches with summery blooms, all of which bring back memories of my wedding day.

How could I not bring this sassy girl home?! Especially at $49!!! Now I just need to find her a sister for the other end of the table. Where can I find one as sassy?

Big find Number 2...this table was found by my mom at the Salvation Army....$30!!! She sent me a picture and I told her to grab it!

At first I thought it was too big for our tiny family room, but after painting it white, it looks much smaller. The miracles of paint!!

I couldn't pass up all the storage and the sturdy solid maple construction. This thing is a beast!! A Pottery Barn find worth over $400!!

It's great for Miss Bailey's painting, coloring, and play-doh-ing creations.

I hope you all had a very relaxing and delicious holiday! Just like these fabulous finds, Thanksgiving is always worth luggin around the extra pounds!

Happy Monday

Monday, November 22, 2010

Completely Fabulous Pre-Teen Rooms

I can't even wait to get started on creating a COMPLETELY fabulous room for my little "mini me". She isn't my daughter, she is actually the daughter of a very dear friend, but at times I could swear that she really is my kid!!

She is artsy, creative, and so sweet that she has brought me to tears on several occasions. She was my flower girl over four years ago, and now she is considered a "pre-teen"!! Oh, how the time flies!! She is still three years old in my head, but she needs a more sophisticated, grown up room, that is just as fabulous as she is.

Here are the inspirational images that I have been storing away:

Always a sucker for some polka dots! They really are for ANY age!! Those stuffy, not so much fun people, would probably disagree.

tres chic! from

We would love a little bench like this one at the end of her bed!
Image from House Beautiful

Sophisticated colors and bold contrast.... via Kate Schintzius

A beautiful detail that goes all the way up the ceiling and back down again!

These polka dots are a bit "mini mouse", but I still love them because they make me smile.

Classic black and white is an absolute must for timeless elegance and the kind of sophistication that a girl can grow into. I will incorporate some pops of color, Emely's favorites...purple, yellow and maybe some lime green! The best part of the project inspiration so far, is Emely's own artwork!

Next up is the inspiration board for her room. We all can't wait to get started!

I hope you all have a GREAT THANKSGIVING!!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nothing Inparticular

I'm not sure why I compiled these images together.

I just love them.

If you know where this one came from, please tell me! I am loving the crisp, clean green against the white! This one is going in my dream bathroom file for sure!

via Elle Decor.

If I am addicted to anything, it's the shiny pages of Elle Decor.

It's like they line the pages with invisible crack!

What's got you jonzin for more?

Happy Hump Day!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sliding Patio Door vs. French Doors

My husband and I spent our ENTIRE Saturday at Lowes...Debating, of course,...sliding patio door vs. French doors.

If you had to make the choice between French Doors and a sliding patio door, and you knew either one would work perfectly well for your space, which would you choose???

Lets say they are both the same price, same efficiency level, same color, and same "R" value.

One of THESE...


From Window World

Image From Acanthus and Acorn

From the Laurel Hedge

OR one of THESE...

From rusco windows and doors

From Brenewalby

From archiexpo

Which one would make you feel more glamorous?

My husband would ask, "CAN doors really make you feel glamorous?"

Answer: ABSOLUTELY!!! Duh!

It's the same feeling of luxury as when you walk on hardwood floors with your favorite heels on. Nothing makes that same sound of power and solidity. Everyone recognizes that sound, and no matter who is walking in those heels, they become the sound of authority. See how much can be associated with just a common sound?

Now how much can be associated with the feel of opening a door? Well, if am to believe that my home is a castle, and I do, all 1400 square feet of it, then would I SLIDE the doors open? Or swing the doors open? Which one sounds more like a castle?

Made your decision yet?

Well I did, and I won!! In case you didn't already guess, French Doors get my vote.
If I didn't win because of this solid argument, then it was because of the little performance I put on at the store, as I demonstrated how fabulous it feels to open French doors.

Yep. I was the crazy lady at the store swinging open the doors and dancing through them as if I was in this movie...

Not that I have anything against sliding doors, they just don't bake my muffins if you get what I'm sayin :)

Hope you're all getting a great start to your week!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

She is Ready for her Close Up Mr. Demille

The Audrey room had a little photo shoot last weekend for my portfolio. I will have more to show once my kidney bean shaped find is all spruced up ;)

My work area is still missing some lighting and these images were very inspiring.

String of Pearls Lamp from Anthro

Dancing Pleat Shade from Anthro

Maize and Black Shade from Anthro

Arteriors Floor Lamp

I am hoping to find a beautiful and unique lamp at a local shop and add a fun shade that is both Audrey worthy and not 9 million dollars...a girl can dream ;)

Hope you are having a great week!!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

A New Friend

I found a new friend for Audrey to play with...


I am pleased to introduce you to Mrs. Kidney Bean Shaped Desk.

I think you will get along quite soon as I find a vehicle that will fit Mrs. Kidney Bean Shaped Desk inside of it!!

I hate it when my treasures can't come home with me!

If you happen to live in the Kenosha/Racine/Sturtevant area you should stop by Schooldays Mall off of HWY 11. It's the cutest old school turned into an antique mall and I always find great treasures there!! You are bound to find something that will make you smile :)


Thursday, November 4, 2010

When I Daydream...

Lately I have been daydreaming about my daughter's big girl room. A lot.

She is only 2, but I'm ready for her to make the transition...not that I want her to grow up...I just want to redecorate her room!! Any excuse will do right?

Here are some images that I am loving...

Above images via Sarah Richardson

A Galadriel Thompson photo

via Coastal Living

and of course....this one!

via Traditional Home. An all time favorite for everyone right?

After seeing these can you blame me??

Got any tips for helping my little one make the transition when the time is right?