Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Inspiring Fabric

One of my favorite things to do is digging around in the clearance section at any fabric store. It is often an excursion into the land of uglies, but you never know what you will find. This particular fabric by P. Kaufmann did not appeal to me at first, but then it started talking to me. It said "Kelle...take me home....I would make a fabulous handbag and I would go perfect with a linen shirt dress!! No...I did not drink my breakfast that morning!

A closer look at the fabric reveals it's lovely texture. It's also stain resistant and weatherproof!

I'm thinking a simple handbag with canvas and leather straps is exactly what the fabric longed to be. A little bit ugly but somehow still fabulous!

Maybe it will have a pocket on the outside with details that look like this:

Can't wait to go digging again!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Let The FABULOUSNESS begin!!

My previous post regarding the Kelle Approved Master Suite was missing a few things. Some very inspiring things. Sometimes I think I have a design plan all together and then I come across some inspiration that just seals the whole deal.

Like these shoes from Old Navy:

These adorable and completely affordable shoes ($15) have provided me with the inspiration that was lacking in the previous post.

I love how inspiration can come from anywhere, at any time. In this instance I was picking up clothes off our bedroom floor (yes, I occassionaly put clothes on the floor, and then blame the messiness on my husband, you know you do it too) and voila! The shoes looked perfect with the carpet, the headboard, the wall color, and the light fixture. They brought the feeling of romance to the room, which is exactly what my original post was lacking.

Now here is how the design elements of the shoes can translate into the romantic elements of this room.

Will the chunky, flax colored linen sole, translate into a soft and luxurious upholstered headboard?
Will the silvery, scaly, faux leather flower translate into an antique mirror or silvery beading on a pillow cover? Will the soft peachy creamy cotton flowers turn into flowy drapes or ruffly pillows?

We'll see. It may sound like a lot of girliness going on for a room that needs to suit a husband too, but husbands tend not to complain much when the wifey is happy, AND after the romantic elements start working their magic :)

The previous design board for the room was also lacking furniture that felt personal and luxurious. Something made by us. Something glamorous, fabulous, and sexy. And what says "sexy" more than something curvy?? Here is what I am dreaming of:

Can you see it with this lamp on top:

It looks like a regular bedside table with some simple curvy legs, but it also doubles as a vanity when a mirror pops up like this:

I'm thinking it will be painted with a high gloss white or light blue paint (as shown) and be paired with a clear acrylic chair (no visual space taken) like this from :

Then, I want to toss on a soft, ruffly pillow, like this one from Pier 1:

Which brings in some inspiration from the shoes!

I know you're probably wondering why I wouldn't just go out and buy a similar bedside table somewhere. Well, the dimensions are both taller and wider than a typical bedside table so that it can also function as a vanity. Most vanities out there for purchase are too wide for our space and aren't within the budget of $200. So when you can't find something specific, you make it. What is better than a home filled with things you love and the things you made together :)

If you've seen something just like the table/vanity for less than $200, tell me where, my husband will surely thank you!!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good Day Sunshine!!

Nelya's fabulous Monday post about ART got me thinking about where I could use some new pieces. Here is a very lonely spot:

Everyday that pillow makes me sing...Goooooood Day Sunshiiiiiiine!! It came home with me last month from Pottery Barn. I know, who cares, I found a pillow at Pottery Barn. I know it's completely overpriced stuff. I know it's all mass produced. I know Phoebe wouldn't approve. But I can't help it! Sometimes when something sings to us it doesn't matter where it comes from. The completely empty wall space behind it will be filled with all things fabulous and original, so chill it out design divas, and let the pillow make you sing :)

Check out Nelya's post at:
Did I mention it features a piece of MY work?? How awesome is that??

Any Suggestions to cozy up this spot and make it really sing? Post some of your comments. I would love to hear them!

Good Day Sunshine!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Project: Kelle Approved Master Suite

FINALLY! I haven't had the luxury of a truly inspired bedroom that makes me feel absolutely fabulous since I was in second grade! Back then what made me feel fabulous was peach, more peach with lace, and unicorns. That's right. I said unicorns! I had peach walls, peach bedding, peach lacey looking drapes, and a wallpaper border of unicorns. Oh, and did I mention doilies!!

Thankfully, much has changed.

My inspiration for the Kelle Approved Master Suite was a pendant fixture that I found at West Elm. Say goodbye to the typical, no personality ceiling fan, and hello to my little friend!!

I am very much in love.......not only with this pendant, but with my husband, so I wanted our room to be all about US. Nothing says "happy cozy couple" more than when we put things together in pairs. Think of a loveseat. Loveseats definitely say "together" as well as "cozy". BUT our room is not nearly large enough for a loveseat, so I will accomplish the same feeling by pairing smaller objects, like pillows, candles, and framed art. What about that silly rule that says we must always group things in odd numbers?? Well, being creative and fabulous often means breaking the rules :)

Here is the project board:

Stay tuned for some shots of the room...minus the fabulous furniture that is STILL out of the budget. Im not worried...I have my ways :)

PS: the photo of what appears to be breakfast in bed is from this lovely blog:
and originally came from: A French Country Home by Jocelyne Sibuet, published by Flammarion - printed by moi- Thanks!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reminiscing a Kitchen's past

As our first anniversary of home ownership approaches, my husband and I have been reminiscing about what the house used to look like. We walked into our house on May first last year and we immediately started working!

Here is the OLD kitchen:

We ripped out all the cabinets and soffets and in order to save the existing corian counter tops we kept the original footprint and just added a little to it. This is one of the best and most simple ways to make a kitchen renovation affordable!

The flooring was a faux tile laminent, which is also known to me as tile's "ugly stepsister". Although it was trying extremely hard, it was not fooling me! It had to go. So, in it's place came to live, some solid cherry flooring. Don't you love the sound hardwood makes when you walk on it wearing fabulous heels?!

Did you notice the old appliances? A lovely shade of almond white from the 80's. Not so fabulous!

Here is the AFTER:

Since I had given birth about eight months prior I couldn't help but see the similarities between renovation and childbirth! Although both are extremely taxing, they are always well worth the pain and inconvenience!

This is what the view of the kitchen looked like from the family room:

Notice the ceiling fan and spindles....

We needed more storage space and a new home for the fridge, so we got rid of the lovely spindles and filled in the wall. Who wants a view of the basement stairs anyway? We also prefer not to have a table in the kitchen, especially when the dining room is about two steps away. With the table gone we could add more cabinets and move the fridge to a better location.


There is more work to be done, as goes the never ending story of renovation, but we couldn't be happier and more proud! Next on the list is installing the valance above the pass through window, adding the rest of the countertops and backsplash, and installing the mini version of this chandelier from Pottery Barn:

The back splash will be classic off-white subway tiles that match the cabinets. I love the look of an all white kitchen with the warmth of cherry floors, vintage looking hardware and industrial stainless steel. A classic look that will never go out of style.

The best part about a classic white kitchen is that you can change your accent colors whenever you feel like it and you won't break the bank!! Right now I'm lovin the feeling of Spring and on the inside of the shows!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Mom and Dad for all their help. Without them this kitchen would not have been possible! AND Thank you to all of our friends who came to help us tear down all the UGLIES!!

I can't wait to post the kitchen when it is truly completed! I also can't wait to get my hands on that chandelier!!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dark and Dreary to Bright and....still dusty!!

This was the hallway before I pointed to it and said "It's dark and ugly and it must go!"

If only I had the bewitching powers of Samantha Stephens, I would have twitched my nose and it would have instantly changed into this:

BUT, Im not Samantha and I can't even get close to doing that nose twitch thing, so instead of the hallway instantly transforming itself, the project took about six months! I must say there were about a gazillion other projects going on at the same time, which is why it took so long, so it was not because my husband wasn't slaving away for me :) We ripped out the old doors, the dingy carpet, and the dark dreary trim and replaced the ugly gloominess with solid core doors, white trim, and solid cherry floors (Thanks Dad!!)....which are still dusty...don't tell my mom!

Now all we have to do is install the new doorbell and lighting! Oh, and hang up some artwork too!

The walls are Willow Wind green by Valspar and the trim is a custom color to match our "canvas white" cabinets.

If you are loving the look of the headers above the doors and want the same look in your home, consider making your own. At first when I saw the price tag on custom headers my jaw hit the floor, and then my wheels started turning...and before I knew it, I was sitting on the floor at Menards (with my husband and my dad) layering pieces of trim on top of a flat piece of MDF. This is what we came up with:

So, with a little DIY (actually ALOT of DIY) you can have this look for less than half the cost.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

From Backyard Scrap to Lamp??


This is a leftover chunk of vine from our backyard ( which could have been a GORGEOUS wisteria vine HAD THE PREVIOUS OWNERS OF OUR HOUSE TAKEN CARE OF IT!!) But they didn't, and we couldn't save it, so we had it cut down. This is what's left:

This vine also has a funny story that goes with it. I thought maybe I should share it. Hope you have a good laugh!

Here's the story:

One afternoon while Bailey was sleeping I decided it was the perfect time to take a picture of the vine.

Then I couldn't find the vine.

I EVENTUALLY found the vine... in the garage...CRAMMED between the wall and his HUGE air compressor. So, I tried to get it out. And then I tried some more. The stupid thing wouldn't budge! I quickly lost my patience. Don't judge. I'm just another mom trying to get nine hundred things done during nap time. Anyway, I decided to try shoving the thing up and out of the corner. Well, I shoved that mother up so hard I knocked out the release valve on the air compressor!

Imagine my reaction when the thing nearly exploded. It went a little like this,
"JE-JE-JE-JEEESUS!!!" Apparently when frightened I turn into a southern baptist!

I can't even describe how thrilled my husband was to get a call at work that went alot like this "I HAVE A PROBLEM (yelling because of the air compressor) I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO SHUT OFF THE AIR COMPRESSOR BECAUSE SOMEONE SHOVED THE VINE IN THE CORNER LIKE AN IDIOT AND I HIT THE AUTOMATIC RELEASE VALVE WHEN I TRIED TO GET IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ummm, I quickly learned that even if an air compressor is exploding in your ear, husbands typically don't like to help you out after you call them an idiot :) Since he is a very good man, he helped me out anyway.

Now what am I going to do with it?? A floor lamp perhaps...

A girl can dream!!

My husband is on board AND it's on THE SUPER LONG NEVER ENDING TO-DO LIST!!

Project Deadline: Midsummer, I dare say :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Definition of Beauty

I read something today that was incredibly beautiful. It is not related to home decor but it hits "home" and that is what matters.

I found this in the December 2006 issue of O Magazine while attempting to clean out my magazine files. Its called THE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE by Simon Doonan.

"Any new definition of beauty should obviously include stuff like courage and accomplishment and selflessness, but let's not forget humor. Let's celebrate those individuals who have retained the ability to be childlike and silly."

"Any definition of the REALLY beautiful people needs to encompass people like my courageous blind aunt, Phyllis, who always rose cheerfully above her handicap, with (or in spite of)Lassie, her Seeing Eye dog. I'll never forget the time Aunt Phyllis returned from a friend's funeral with her knees grazed and grass in her hair."

"What the hell happened?" asked my mum, dabbing disinfectant on Phyllis's wounds.

"Lassie led me into the open grave," Aunt Phyllis replied, and then collapsed on the floor laughing. Now that is what I call BEAUTIFUL.

This got me laughing and thinking about my beautiful people.

Check out Dove's campaign for real beauty and see some true beauties.

These beautiful women are everywhere, but sadly, a lot of them don't realize just how beautiful they are. Enough is enough already!! Join the cause with me and vow to never again let the world tell you what REAL BEAUTY is!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ode to my heroes in the war against ugly...

We have been extremely busy...

Redoing a ceiling is no fun for anyone. Except for Bailey, who can just kick back and relax while our ceiling heroes do all the work!

Our 1978 ranch came with a lovely stucco/popcorn looking ceiling that was definitely not Kelle approved. So, I decided it must go! My fearless husband rounded up a crew to get the job done. Getting rid of this stucco/popcorn (I'm still not sure what it is) is no small feat! First you must scrape it by hand, then sand, then mud, then sand AGAIN, then mud AGAIN, then sand AGAIN!! As if that isn't enough work... you still must prime and paint!!

A HUGE thank you to our heroes: Grumpa Chuck, Uncle Andrew, Pat, Grandpa Dan, and their fearless leader, my hubby (who is yet to run far far away)

Stay tuned for the finished ceiling and my design plans for this room.