Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project: "Dahlia" Dining Bench

Another item for my husband's to-do list...he REALLY REALLY loves me! This is the Dahlia Dining Bench that I designed to solve my holiday seating issues. It will be upholstered in a sage, blue/green color fabric, detailed with nailhead trim and will set atop five tapered legs. Unlike folding chairs, this bench is classic, elegant, and Kelle approved :)

I wanted more seating without spending $700 on an additional two chairs that match our existing dining set. So, after some online research, and some necessary evaluations of the dining area's space, and my lack of cash, this is what I came up with. The design was inspired by the "Martine" chair from Restoration Hardware, which costs about $300, and only seats one.

I wanted the coziness of a loveseat in the form of a dining bench. A dining bench makes the dining area feel like a living area, where you can sit and relax, eat some great food, and stay as long as you want. The bench can also be accessorized with pillows that coordinate with the nearby sitting area. Like this:

The greatest part about this bench is that it will cost a mere $200 to complete!!

No more folding chairs at holiday dinners!!

Project Deadline: Is Easter Brunch too soon???? A girl can dream!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Project: Audrey Hepburn Inspired Guest Room/Creative Room

One of my recent obsessions is completing my Audrey Hepburn Inspired Guest Room/Creative Room. I wanted a guest room that felt cozy and elegant, like a fancy French hotel suite. The room also needed to function as a creative space where I can sew, paint, and jot down my ideas. The room is lacking in storage space, and well, space in general. A full size bed nearly takes up the whole room!

My inspiration began with a large 36"x36" print of Audrey that I found online at Ikea. At first, getting Ms. Hepburn to my home seemed a simple task. Then a reality check. The shipping charges for this lovely print, that only costs a mere $49.99, are about $200!! What was I to do? Out of desperation comes determination. I started thinking of all the ways I could get her home WITHOUT 1. Paying over $200 for shipping and 2.Taking an entire day to make the trip to Ikea.

Begging my husband didn't work. Remember the poor guy is busy slaving away on this UGLY house for me! You would think he would jump at the opportunity...but not so. My father-in-law stepped up to the task, without any hesitation. He is my hero! He must have sensed the desperation in my voice, because she arrived the next day!! How is that for service!? Plus, she was on sale! What can I say, it was meant to be!! Gotta love Ikea! Where else can you find such a huge print for $39.99???

Without further delay, here are some shots of the room. I must point out that the houndstooth Euro Shams with the black cording were made by moi, as well as the vintage floral print shams. All four pillows were done for under $45 and that includes the price of the pillows inside of them!! I am also very proud of the headboard which was a Goodwill find for $5 that I slip covered with black fabric for $7!! You just can't beat a chic black headboard done for under $20!!

If this room isn't proof that you can do a lot with $100 then I don't know what is!
I will also remind you, this is only the beginning, there is much fabulousness to be done :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Interior Design Online??

What a concept!
I have recently discovered a new trend in interior design services. The concept is this - Instead of hiring an interior designer, hire a design mentor. A design mentor provides the service of design guidance for your home projects. Based on your input from your answers to a design questionnaire, your images of inspiration, and photos and measurements of your space, you receive: 1. A personalized digital concept board; 2. Your own selection box filled with fabrics, paint swatches, and material samples for your project; and 3. A personalized shopping list of the items you need to purchase.

Why is this a good idea???? Several reasons.
1. This process is ideal for those with smaller budgets. And in this economy that is just about everyone.
2. A design mentor charges a low flat rate.
3. You get to control the spending.
4. Your mentor provides you access to materials, furnishings, and concepts that you might otherwise not have or be able to visualize on your own.
5. You can do a lot of the work yourself, thereby saving more money.
6. If you don't want to do the work yourself, you are also the one to find the right person for the job, which means you might find someone to do the work for less than a designer would, and you won't have the up charge from a designer.
7. When you have questions or need advice, your mentor is there to see you through until the project is complete.
8. Everyone wins!!

This got me thinking..... and I'm thinking why not?

Who wants to be my first client???? Did I mention the first one is free!! You provide the space and the budget and I provide the guidance :)

STAY TUNED for the project inspiration board and some BEFORE pictures. We all can't wait to get started!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

About Me

I am currently working on my biggest project yet, my late 1970's ranch...a la tons of ugly! My official title for this never quite finished, project of all projects, is....Project: No More Ugly.

When it comes to my home, I like to break the rules. I mix styles because I can't be boxed in. Boxes are boring. Besides, who has the money to change EVERYTHING in their house when the style changes? Ummmm... nobody.

I am extremely blessed to have a husband who supports all of my endeavors, who lovingly builds the furniture that I dream up, and who, without fear, tears down all the "ugly" I just can't stand. Most importantly, he just "gets" me. He knows that I am easily distracted by shiny beautiful things and he just goes with the flow of all my crazies :) I love him to pieces!