Monday, December 6, 2010

Living With What You Love Part 3

Incorporating things that we love into our decor makes our home look like the inside of our heart.

The glass cabinets in my kitchen are near the spot where I stand and steam milk at least twice a day. I spend a good 10 minutes each day staring at the fronts of these cabinets, so they need to be special, and they need to make me smile!

The winking mugs are extra special because my daughter's name is written all over them!

No. Little Miss Bailey was NOT named after the liqueur!! She was named after the friend that I love to ramble on about....Jessica Bailey!

Besides, who wouldn't smile while sipping from a mug that looks completely fabulous and winks at you!! They even say "YUM" inside!!

It was love at first site when I saw the mugs at my favorite little local shop, Embellished Heart. It was the first time I had ever been in the store and was the day I met the fun and soulful owners, Tori and Norma. We have been dreaming up all kinds of fabulous stuff ever since!

The depression glass in the other cabinet has been in my family for a very long time and was stashed away for at least 20 years unused. I pulled it out and used it as a way to incorporate a pop of green into the all-white cabinet.

So, if these cabinets are an indication as to what the inside of my heart looks like, then my heart winks, has polka dots, wears little bows and pearl necklaces, and is made partly of depression glass and fine bone china.

I think I'm down with that.

I hope you are all getting a great start to your week! Just a couple more weeks until Christmas!! Have you found any great gifts that have a story to go along with them?? Do share :)



  1. Those are too funny and would definitely make me smile. I'm all about only buying what i LOVE.

  2. Those are so cute and it sounds like a perfect heart to me! :)

  3. I love you! I love your child! I love your house!

    Love, love, love!

    Our Bailey's mugs are set in the huge German shrunk in the front living room with all of our Bailey's gift tins (and, incidentally, with the Bailey's close by – in the liquor cabinet, also in the shrunk!).


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