Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's All in the Details

What I love most about working on a space for a little Miss, is getting to shop around for all the girl-y details!!

Like fabric for pillows and drapes and bedding...the list goes on!

Annie Selke Fabrics

Waverly "lattice"

Hawthorne Threads "delilah"

Hawthorne Threads "blossom in Lime"

Hawthorne Threads "divine damask"

Annie Selke "pink pearls"

Dwell Studio "lattice"

Dwell Studio "botany"

This is only a FEW to consider....How will I EVER decide??I'm gonna need lots of feedback from the little Miss!

I can't even wait to get going on this fabulous little ladies room :)

Happy Hump Day everyone!


  1. How do you choose?!! They are all so beautiful!! Have fun!! :)

  2. How will you choose, my gosh those are gorgeous choices Kelle! xx

  3. I can't pick just one fabric print as well! Although I'm loving the last one. Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  4. So fun!! I love all the color. I could totally use that last print to cover the back wall of my bookshelves. Thanks for the inspiration!


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