Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fabulous 4 Dollar Find!!

It's like show and tell over here with all of my fabulous finds lately!!

A couple weeks ago my friend Tori and I went treasure hunting at these great antique places, Classroom Consignment and Schooldays Antique Mall, located in Sturtevant Wisconsin. I have mentioned these places before because I LOVE digging around these shops!! I could dig for days!!

I know I am always rambling on about decorating with things that have meaning and things that have a story, and I'm gonna do it some more!!

Shopping for your home can be an adventure! You can meet new people along the way and see some crazy stuff if you just get out there and take some time to go to new places. I know it's hard not to go to Target for everything. I am personally in a TSA support group (Target Shoppers Anonymous) Ok. Not really, but I probably should be!!

This hand painted jewelry box was only $4!! Can you believe it?!

Some time ago a very talented person actually took the time to hand paint this little gem. Do you think the artist would have ever imagined that this box would end up at my house, on my dresser, and then on my blog for all the world to see??

I only noticed the bright turquoise sticking out from under some old hankies because I was taking the time to really dig.

I also found this milk glass bowl for $8!! That isn't as great of a deal as the jewelry box, but I still love it and I think it looks fabulous in my room! I think about our fun day treasure hunting every time I look at these things on my dresser. They also make me look forward to future days filled with treasure hunting and great deals!

While gift shopping, try a new shop, meet some new people, support a local, get your Target fix if you must, just remember that sometimes the chase is way more fun and rewarding!



  1. Hi dear Kelle! Just drop by to say hi!! I loved your treasure!! kisses and hugs Carmen - Achados de Decoração

  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE that jewelry box!!

  3. It always amazed me what people let go of, that is why I love antiquing, I love to find new treasures to make my own happy memories. What a pretty box Kelle!

  4. that is pretty great! i love the milk glass bowl!

  5. Beautious! I love your finds, especially the milk glass (mostly because I could steal it and it would look great in MY bedroom!!!)! They look so good together!!! Give the girls a hug from me!

  6. I agree...I like the chase!
    My soft spot for milk glass is jealous.

  7. I love your cute finds! Both are adorable!


  8. It looks like it was made just for that spot, love it!

  9. So pretty, especially with the milk glass piece.


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