Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Hunchback...Mrs. Dame

The images you are about to see are real and may induce a sudden urge to tile.

Side effects of D.I.Y tiling may include sudden headaches and stomach upset, a hunchback posture, and a general feeling of being 90 years old.

This was our kitchen BEFORE:

The back splash was a fun father daughter project!

Yes. I tile in my pajamas!

Here's to a good start...

I got the hang of it and then I was on my own.

Notice the hunchback forming!!

Don't wake up the supervisor!!

And about 4 hours later... and on my way to looking like this guy...

Here is a finished wall!!

Now I only have three more to go!!

Genius Idea: Hire your kid to be the spacer remover. Labor shmabor.

Notice how my husband dresses our daughter?!? Poor girl!

My D.I.Y tiling tips for you:
1. Take Ibuprofen BEFORE you even start
2. Wear a poncho while using the tile cutter or just throw a hand towel over your shoulder on the side where the cutter shoots water.
3. Put up a tarp or towels to protect the area around the cutter from water.
4. Use painters tape on your tiles to mark your cutting lines instead of markers that will run and make a mess. The tape will stay on if you press it firmly.
5. If you can, buy the tiles with the mesh background and save yourself lots of time and backaches!

I'm STILL not done!! Did I mention I still have to grout?!?

Even though I look and feel like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, I am very happy to have learned a new skill and that our kitchen is very close to being finished!!

If I ever hire someone to do my tiling for me, I will NEVER complain about their bill!

Hope you all have a fabulous New Year!! I will probably be tiling!!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

YES, please

When I saw these pictures all I could say was "YES, pleeeease!"

My daughter would say "I want dat, pleeeease, pleeeease have dat?!"

I wouldn't blame her

I really, really, REALLY need a shiny soaker tub like this one. Bad.

I already considered spray painting the sides of my plain Jane "Bathfitter", not at all soak-worthy, tub. The lengths a girl will go to.

Images via Elle Decor...go figure! No wonder I had a serious case of the drools!! Is this place warm and cozy or what??

Now for the exact opposite...white, bright and not much wood in sight. Still completely gorgeous and tugging on my heart strings!

Via Lonny Mag another serious drool source!!

There is your daily dose of design crack! You're welcome :)

Happy Tuesday and Almost Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'mmmmm Dreeeeeaming of a Whiiiiiite.....


Just liiiike the one in this photO!

Could you hear me singing? It's probably better if you didn't :)

I hope you all have a Fabulous and Fun Christmas!!

Can't wait to see what you all got from Santa!

All the BEST!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fabulous Kent Coffey Piece

Happy Friday Everyone!!

I had to share with you a fabulous nightstand that I found while on another shopping adventure with my friend Tori. It was at a Thrift Store for $30!!

It is a Kent Coffey piece from the "El Chico" line, made sometime in the 1950's or 60's. You will notice the reference to an antique Spanish style trellis or elegant Spanish tile.

Do you think Mr.Coffey was inspired after a trip to Mexico or Spain?

Can you see this painted with an accent color behind the trellis??

It is really hard finding any information on Kent Coffey furniture and even harder to find images of all the product lines. I have yet to find any information or images on the El Chico line.

This is what I know about Mr.Coffey...he owned the Lenoir, NC based company and his main competitor was James Broyhill and he offered reasonably priced, well made furniture. There doesn't seem to be a ton of this furniture available and the ones that are available seem to be reasonably priced, mid-century modern pieces.

I just fell in love with the lines and the lattice detail on the top drawer front. There was another nightstand in the thrift store and now I am KICKING myself for not purchasing it!!! Stupid me! I separated these two fabulous twins!! I wonder if it would still be there if I went's hoping!!

Here is the slightly less than fabulous drawer lining. Thankfully, it came out easily.

Here is what was left of the hardware:

How is this piece for some inspiration!! Found on Stylehive

A rare Spanish Colonial Mexican Gilded Cabinet.

I have started painting it and can't wait to share with you the finished piece!! It may just be the perfect fit in Miss Emely's room.

I really want to go back and find it's sister!!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's All in the Details

What I love most about working on a space for a little Miss, is getting to shop around for all the girl-y details!!

Like fabric for pillows and drapes and bedding...the list goes on!

Annie Selke Fabrics

Waverly "lattice"

Hawthorne Threads "delilah"

Hawthorne Threads "blossom in Lime"

Hawthorne Threads "divine damask"

Annie Selke "pink pearls"

Dwell Studio "lattice"

Dwell Studio "botany"

This is only a FEW to consider....How will I EVER decide??I'm gonna need lots of feedback from the little Miss!

I can't even wait to get going on this fabulous little ladies room :)

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Storyboard for Miss Emely

Miss Emely will be nine years old soon and she wants a fabulous and sophisticated room that she can grow into.

Emely is an artist and avid reader. She has an eye for design and loves color!

She is my future Design and business partner, I just know it!

Her room will feature her special artwork and provide a cozy place for her to read her books. As a very sophisticated and talented young lady she requires some privacy from her little brother at times. Her room has to be a fabulous haven filled with beauty and inspiration.

Here is little taste of what is to come:

Here is a sample of one of her creations...

Beautiful and affordable framing provided by my friends at Artworks Kenosha

I have commissioned Miss Emely to do a similar marker drawing for my home! I think art created by our loved ones is the most special and it deserves an equally special place in our homes. What else can bring so much meaning and love to your home?

I hope you are all getting a great start to your week!

I hope to stop by all of your blogs this week and see what you have been up to. All of your inspiring blogs are key to my having an inspired week!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fabulous 4 Dollar Find!!

It's like show and tell over here with all of my fabulous finds lately!!

A couple weeks ago my friend Tori and I went treasure hunting at these great antique places, Classroom Consignment and Schooldays Antique Mall, located in Sturtevant Wisconsin. I have mentioned these places before because I LOVE digging around these shops!! I could dig for days!!

I know I am always rambling on about decorating with things that have meaning and things that have a story, and I'm gonna do it some more!!

Shopping for your home can be an adventure! You can meet new people along the way and see some crazy stuff if you just get out there and take some time to go to new places. I know it's hard not to go to Target for everything. I am personally in a TSA support group (Target Shoppers Anonymous) Ok. Not really, but I probably should be!!

This hand painted jewelry box was only $4!! Can you believe it?!

Some time ago a very talented person actually took the time to hand paint this little gem. Do you think the artist would have ever imagined that this box would end up at my house, on my dresser, and then on my blog for all the world to see??

I only noticed the bright turquoise sticking out from under some old hankies because I was taking the time to really dig.

I also found this milk glass bowl for $8!! That isn't as great of a deal as the jewelry box, but I still love it and I think it looks fabulous in my room! I think about our fun day treasure hunting every time I look at these things on my dresser. They also make me look forward to future days filled with treasure hunting and great deals!

While gift shopping, try a new shop, meet some new people, support a local, get your Target fix if you must, just remember that sometimes the chase is way more fun and rewarding!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Living With What You Love Part 3

Incorporating things that we love into our decor makes our home look like the inside of our heart.

The glass cabinets in my kitchen are near the spot where I stand and steam milk at least twice a day. I spend a good 10 minutes each day staring at the fronts of these cabinets, so they need to be special, and they need to make me smile!

The winking mugs are extra special because my daughter's name is written all over them!

No. Little Miss Bailey was NOT named after the liqueur!! She was named after the friend that I love to ramble on about....Jessica Bailey!

Besides, who wouldn't smile while sipping from a mug that looks completely fabulous and winks at you!! They even say "YUM" inside!!

It was love at first site when I saw the mugs at my favorite little local shop, Embellished Heart. It was the first time I had ever been in the store and was the day I met the fun and soulful owners, Tori and Norma. We have been dreaming up all kinds of fabulous stuff ever since!

The depression glass in the other cabinet has been in my family for a very long time and was stashed away for at least 20 years unused. I pulled it out and used it as a way to incorporate a pop of green into the all-white cabinet.

So, if these cabinets are an indication as to what the inside of my heart looks like, then my heart winks, has polka dots, wears little bows and pearl necklaces, and is made partly of depression glass and fine bone china.

I think I'm down with that.

I hope you are all getting a great start to your week! Just a couple more weeks until Christmas!! Have you found any great gifts that have a story to go along with them?? Do share :)


Friday, December 3, 2010

CRAZY for Plaid!!

Hi Everyone!

Has decorating for the Holidays brought about any new obsessions?

It has for me! I have a new love in my life...PLAID!!

Never saw that one coming! A couple weeks ago, me and my girl Tori were out "hunting", and we stumbled across several of these...

Now these are for tailgating in STYLE!!

This lovely set is from FASHIONRERUN on Etsy. Of course it sold some time ago, but this shop has tons of other cute stuff.

These plaid babies are poppin up everywhere!!

A plaid lunch box used as a planter for paperwhites!! From the Winter issue of DIY Magazine.

DIY Mag again with a fab red and black hounds tooth coat used in the decor! I'm not the only girl who purposefully leaves her plaid accessories out.

Think of all the possible uses for lunch boxes and vintage coolers...

A pot for some paperwhites
A little stack vintage coolers as an end table
A vintage cooler could be turned into a chic lamp
A gift container
A table center piece could actually use it the way it was meant to be used in the first place, and look way more fashionable than those ordinary lunch box carriers.

I highly recommend wearing these boots as well:

I have a pair and I LOVE them! As for my Dad, he doesn't love them. He thinks they are silly. He makes fun of me when he sees me wearing them. He affectionately calls them "spider man boots" Don't know why, but I love them anyway!

These boots are left out in the hallway on purpose because they match my Holiday decor. Sometimes I trip over them, but that is the price I am willing to pay.

What are you obsessed with this season?

Don't trip over any BIG rubber boots!!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh SAVE meeeee!!!

From a GRAY life...

My new site is anything but GRAY!! Thanks to my lovely branding by Jessica Bailey and some special artwork created by Rachael Niles (who got me started on this whole website thing AND just happens to be an extremely talented photographer!)

I think you will find that it is very crisp, fresh, and to the point.

You can check it out by clicking below:

or... you can click the logo to the right of this post.

My site reflects the fact that I need healthy doses of color in my life. Like this:

or pops of color. Like this:

and even color that is more subtle...

Or I just die inside.

Go see for yourself.

I hope you all like it!!

I also wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your support!! I love seeing all of your comments each day!

You're the BEST!