Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sliding Patio Door vs. French Doors

My husband and I spent our ENTIRE Saturday at Lowes...Debating, of course,...sliding patio door vs. French doors.

If you had to make the choice between French Doors and a sliding patio door, and you knew either one would work perfectly well for your space, which would you choose???

Lets say they are both the same price, same efficiency level, same color, and same "R" value.

One of THESE...


From Window World

Image From Acanthus and Acorn

From the Laurel Hedge

OR one of THESE...

From rusco windows and doors

From Brenewalby

From archiexpo

Which one would make you feel more glamorous?

My husband would ask, "CAN doors really make you feel glamorous?"

Answer: ABSOLUTELY!!! Duh!

It's the same feeling of luxury as when you walk on hardwood floors with your favorite heels on. Nothing makes that same sound of power and solidity. Everyone recognizes that sound, and no matter who is walking in those heels, they become the sound of authority. See how much can be associated with just a common sound?

Now how much can be associated with the feel of opening a door? Well, if am to believe that my home is a castle, and I do, all 1400 square feet of it, then would I SLIDE the doors open? Or swing the doors open? Which one sounds more like a castle?

Made your decision yet?

Well I did, and I won!! In case you didn't already guess, French Doors get my vote.
If I didn't win because of this solid argument, then it was because of the little performance I put on at the store, as I demonstrated how fabulous it feels to open French doors.

Yep. I was the crazy lady at the store swinging open the doors and dancing through them as if I was in this movie...

Not that I have anything against sliding doors, they just don't bake my muffins if you get what I'm sayin :)

Hope you're all getting a great start to your week!



  1. Either the 15 light in sliding or traditional hinged! Personally, I would never use the doors with no panes/mullions. Screams cheap-o no matter the expense :)

  2. haha, I totally agree! I did like the 3rd sliding doors but only because they looked like french doors :)

  3. Looks like the slight slope of the soffit might just squash my dreams :( Stupid soffit!

  4. Good call on French doors! Hope that soffit doesn't trump the Frenchies.


  5. French french french, definitely! Glad you got your way! XX!

  6. you shouldn't say "duh" about your husband. He is not an idiot. He married you, didn't he?

  7. "Can doors really make you feel glamorous?" – It certainly can! It’s been two years since this post and I’m a little curious what you choose. But in my opinion, I would go for a French door. French door presents lots of advantages for homeowners. For one, it adds beauty to the space. Two, you can customize the security feature and lock with this type of door. Lastly, French doors can give your home an illusion of space, making it look roomy and bright.

  8. Sliding patio door versus french doors, no one could wins the race. It is about choices and needs. Anyways, good debate.

  9. Both sliding patio door and French doors are beautiful fixtures for any type of home. When you’re deciding between the two, of course, you must consider which one is easier to maintain and doesn’t require a complicated repair procedure if it gets broken or damaged. Also, you have to consider if the design of the door would affect the aesthetic appeal of your home. For me, I want a French door because I want something that is easy to open, unlike the sliding door that sometimes gets stuck and requires more force to push it open.

  10. I dunno, but I prefer French doors than sliding patio doors. Well, I love French doors in the first place. It all started when I was doing my research for my home renovation project. I immediately fell in love with it. All the designs and styles I've seen were all beautiful, so I decided to use it as the door for our patio and rooftop deck.

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  16. one type of door is not mentioned here...a garden door. One side is fixed and the other swings open. Can look like a french door, but more efficient (less heat loss) than either a sliding patio door or a french door.

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  18. If you had to make the choice between French Doors and a sliding patio door, and you knew either one would work perfectly well for your space, which would you choose?

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