Monday, November 29, 2010


If I keep finding such big stuff, I'm gonna need me a big ol hillbilly truck!!

Isn't this chair SASSY? Look at that bird looking over her fabulous pink shoulder!

She's like "and WHAT exactly is it that you need??? I am busy painting my nails!!"

I found her at the School Days Mall, located in Sturtevant Wisconsin. It's an old school, turned antique heaven!

I caught my first glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye. A smirk immediately formed on my face. I knew. She knew. It was meant to be. It was love at first glimpse. Not only is she sassy, but she is super comfy and has perfect classic lines that will never go out of style! She sports my favorite pink peonies and large scale branches with summery blooms, all of which bring back memories of my wedding day.

How could I not bring this sassy girl home?! Especially at $49!!! Now I just need to find her a sister for the other end of the table. Where can I find one as sassy?

Big find Number 2...this table was found by my mom at the Salvation Army....$30!!! She sent me a picture and I told her to grab it!

At first I thought it was too big for our tiny family room, but after painting it white, it looks much smaller. The miracles of paint!!

I couldn't pass up all the storage and the sturdy solid maple construction. This thing is a beast!! A Pottery Barn find worth over $400!!

It's great for Miss Bailey's painting, coloring, and play-doh-ing creations.

I hope you all had a very relaxing and delicious holiday! Just like these fabulous finds, Thanksgiving is always worth luggin around the extra pounds!

Happy Monday


  1. Well done Kelle! That chair is fabulous and only $49, I'm green with envy.

  2. wow that table was an amazing find!! and the chair! the vintage luck was on your side :)

  3. Kelle -- there is NO WAY I would have ever thought of the chair the way you described, but when reading it and looking at the bird painting her nails, it all made sense!....hmmmm

    Keep it going! ~Adam M

  4. Great finds Kelle. Love the sassy chair and coffee table. You're right you will need a truck to drag home all your treasures.

  5. These are super great finds! I don't blame you for needing a truck! I am in the same boat! Loving your blog and following now ;) xo

  6. Great finds. The chair is so feminine and romantic. Hope you had a gorgeous weekend.


  7. I'm in love with this post!!!

    PS - I'll send you your logo chair and header tonight. I'm supposed to be working on Kate's wedding stuff right now, but got distracted. OOPS!

    Oh well, we all know that it will be more effective to work on it when I'm with her this weekend anyway! Love you!

  8. A truck would be a wonderful investment! And how I love those finds! Awesome table! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  9. GREAT find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It doesn't even need to be reupholstered!!! It's so happy!




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