Monday, November 1, 2010

Fabulous Fourteen Dollar Find

I had another successful trip to the Goodwill last week!

I went IN with the intentions of finding something for a client, but I came OUT with something for my future bathroom remodel. Isn't that how it always works? Don't get me wrong. I love finding great pieces and re-purposing them. The trouble is, these "finds" of mine turn into more. Much more. Like taking a sledge hammer to the bathroom and spending 2.4 million dollars on tile!!

So, not only do I leave Goodwill skipping with joy over my new project, I also leave with dreams. BIG ones.

Like these:

I'm talkin Sarah Richardson sized dreams! DROOL.
These are from her Farmhouse remodel.

This one is from Sarah Richardson again.

Here is the culprit:

A great mirrored frame for only fourteen dollars!! Can't you see it with a simple beveled mirror inside it and hanging above a marble topped vanity??

A girl can dream. This dream will come to fruition before I am 80. Or so my husband promises :)

Hope you're getting a good start on November.

Found any treasures lately?



  1. WHAT A GEM! I never find such exciting things when I'm thrift shopping! I do have that same soap pump though, which I love! :)

  2. Ohhh I love your dreams! Those are great bathrooms!!

  3. Great find.
    I also found a fantastic piece the other day... in the garbage! I've been taking care of it and I will post it in a couple of days. I'm so excited, it made my day...


  4. A steal!!!!! Can't wait to see how you finish out the bathroom--even if it's in the year 2525 ;)

  5. Those are good dreams. Haven't found many treasures lately, but I need to. I have at least six artwork prints that are rolled in a tube and just need frames. Of course, standard store bought frames will never do...I have to start searching for unique vintage things (nothing is ever as easy as it

  6. Lovely dreams! I was a bit obsessed with Sarah Richardson's country bathroom for a while. I need to find some fantastic mirrors for our bathrooms. I just put up the cheapest ones I could find at Lowes. I figured I could always change them out. Have a great weekend! Thanks for visiting my blog:)

    Amy R.


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