Monday, November 22, 2010

Completely Fabulous Pre-Teen Rooms

I can't even wait to get started on creating a COMPLETELY fabulous room for my little "mini me". She isn't my daughter, she is actually the daughter of a very dear friend, but at times I could swear that she really is my kid!!

She is artsy, creative, and so sweet that she has brought me to tears on several occasions. She was my flower girl over four years ago, and now she is considered a "pre-teen"!! Oh, how the time flies!! She is still three years old in my head, but she needs a more sophisticated, grown up room, that is just as fabulous as she is.

Here are the inspirational images that I have been storing away:

Always a sucker for some polka dots! They really are for ANY age!! Those stuffy, not so much fun people, would probably disagree.

tres chic! from

We would love a little bench like this one at the end of her bed!
Image from House Beautiful

Sophisticated colors and bold contrast.... via Kate Schintzius

A beautiful detail that goes all the way up the ceiling and back down again!

These polka dots are a bit "mini mouse", but I still love them because they make me smile.

Classic black and white is an absolute must for timeless elegance and the kind of sophistication that a girl can grow into. I will incorporate some pops of color, Emely's favorites...purple, yellow and maybe some lime green! The best part of the project inspiration so far, is Emely's own artwork!

Next up is the inspiration board for her room. We all can't wait to get started!

I hope you all have a GREAT THANKSGIVING!!



  1. You had me with the polka dots. I love that little element of fun with the more sophisticated headboard in the first image.

  2. such gorgeous images kelle, great selection my faves are 3 & 5, really pretty but edgey too. love that xxx

  3. seriously loving those! esp the third one!

  4. Pre-Teen? Maybe I am immature for 48, but these rooms are gorgeous and I would LOVE to have any of them. :)


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