Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vintage Crates and A Special Feature

The lovely Leigha over at Elle Oh is a regular contributor for the fabulously green blog, EcoSalon, and she has hand picked me to share one of my most favorite green home products!! I was absolutely thrilled to participate.

If you have thoroughly perused my blog you may have noticed my "Antiques are Green" button, so it was only natural that I would chose an antique as my green item. At first it was hard deciding which specific antique. How do you chose just one?!

Then it occurred to me....VINTAGE CRATES!! duh. They are only all over my house!! I happen to love them. A LOT. They have so many different uses and each one I find is completely unique.

Here is how I have used them in my own home:

End table for the family room. Total cost $40. My husband and I purchased these crates at an antique store in Saugatuck Michigan while on our honeymoon over four years ago. At first, I thought they would just be temporary "newly wed" type end tables, but they have really grown on me. They are chalk full of character and meaning, and completely abide by the "Live with What You Love" mantra.

That's my little Vanna White showing you all how it opens. This crate in particular hides our DVD collection.

This crate holds all of my baking supplies in the pantry.

Here is how other fabulous bloggers have used their vintage crates:

Completely cool and functional bookshelves from Houzz

Pickled Goods Storage from Poetic Home

Bookshelves from bedzine

Options galore!

Want some? Need Some?

You can find some here: Hindsvik Etsy Shoppe or peruse your local antique shop and you are bound to run into a few.

If you already have some, how do you use them?

Happy Thursday!


  1. Your end tables are adorable! If you ever decide to outgrow your 'newlywed' end tables, they can come have an extended honeymoon at my house. :)

    Lovely as always - I will let you know when the feature goes live.


  2. It's up - and it looks fabulous. Endless gratitude...
    P.S. Still dreaming of your nightstands.

  3. Ooh...I love all those images:):)

    Your tables are so adorable!

  4. I love these! I wish I could find some, ebay maybe? Gorgeous, Kelle! XX!

  5. I looove them as a bookshelf!! I have some crates (not really vintage, but cool looking wood ones) that I use outside to put my flowers on. I've been thinking about buying some more, painting them and using them as a little coffee table :)

  6. Hope you had a lovely weekend!


  7. I love some crates! These are great examples!!!

  8. I love how you made yourself an end table from the crates, it works perfectly with your sofa.

  9. Where can you find these wooden crates? (Wondering if grocery stores might have them).

    I would like to use them to make a bookcase or wall unit to store my grandsons' toys and stuff!

  10. @ ford2M I bought these at an antique store in Michigan. If you're looking for some I would start at a flea market and then hit up antique shops. Most grocery stores are converted to plastic crates.
    Great idea to use them as shelves! Watch for splinters though :) Some have some pretty rough edges.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!


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