Monday, October 4, 2010

Fun Room For A Little Boy

Remember the little peek...

Here are the project details:

Client: Pablo Garcia
Energetic toddler, train and car lover, race track owner (ok, not really, but someday)

Budget: About $600

We started from scratch with about $600 to spend. We re-purposed furniture, bought from garage sales, and got every little discount we could :)

The goal was to create a room that Pablo can grow into.

The bed is a twin size instead of a toddler size. When you buy a toddler size bed you will be buying another bed and mattress in no time, so why not just skip that step and go right to the twin or full size. In the end you save some dough.

I also try to stick with items that do not have "kids only" written all over them.

Notice the furniture, lamps, and shelves are all things that Pablo can grow with. The lamps and tables are clean and modern and will work for a teenagers room as well. The other absolute MUST was tons of storage. What better place than under the bed? We made sure to find a bed with drawers for all his little trains, cars, and blocks.

When designing for a kid on a budget, I also try to keep in mind that he may love cars and trains today, but tomorrow he could decide he loves planes even more, so all of the themed items are easily replaceable.

Can you believe this entire room cost under $700?? I don't know about you, but I could spend $700 on a bed and mattress alone.

The budget had to include organizing the closet as well.

There is one more little wall that I still need to share with you, but it still needs some zhush-ing.

We made the budget stretch and we had fun while were at it! Sometimes small budgets are even more fun that big ones. Think of all the garage sale hunting and the projects you can do with your kids.

Next is Pablo's sisters room!! Think purple!

Hope you're having a great Monday!


  1. a W E S O M E Job!!~ Pablo will grow for years into this room, and hey why wouldn't is the coolest room on the Block...I really love his focal point wall..Nice Job!

  2. Amazing job! That headboard is the best! Love a good zhush!

  3. You did a fabulous job, Kelle! Love the chevron! You are talented, and I agree, sometimes it's more fun to have less money to spend than more (sometimes!). XX!

  4. Beautiful. Kelle, you made $600 look like $6000! From one designer to another, fab dear.

  5. wow, that is such a great room!! i loved seeing this :)

  6. aw, thanks for your lovely comment =)

  7. The room is adorable! It's great that you have thought about a decor that kids could grow into. Kellie xx


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