Thursday, September 30, 2010

Living With What You Love Part 2

Here you go, Part 2 of my obsession with the book, Living With What You Love, by Monica Rich Kosann.

This book got me wondering if I collect anything besides dust bunnies. I sort of collect picture frames (not really by choice), boots, decorative pillows, antiques, and anything Audrey Hepburn related, but I am not serious or dedicated to any of these collections. So, I started thinking, "what would I collect by choice"?? I still do not have a real answer, but I did start to notice what I do have small collections of.

Perfume bottles...

Eau de toilette! Who knew?! I didn't even realize it, but there is a small and meaningful collection that sits in my bathroom. One bottle is new, one is kind of old, and one, nearly 100 years old!

Do you have any collections that you didn't realize you have?

Happy Thursday


  1. I pretty much know all the junk I have Kelle:) I have it all over the place to enjoy it too!!~ Pretty Lebain stuff.

  2. Cute! I love little perfume bottles! They can be so pretty! I am not sure what all I collect.... I'll get back to you on that one! And seriously, I must get this book you keep posting about! Sounds too good to be true!


    p.s. It's the last day to enter my Lil Petite Jewelry Giveaway!!!

  3. Kelle, now that you mentioned it, i think i collect small vases... ceramic, glass, wood, i have them everywhere.


  4. well, i collect little and cute trinkets ( mini book locket, dream-catcher, a small bottle of colourful sand) ... do those count as a collection of all sorts? :)

  5. looks gorgeous darl, you've inspired me to go shopping at home today and see what i can turn up!! jxx

  6. These are beautiful collections you have. Enjoy a lovely day! Kellie xx


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