Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some Luxury from Sefte

I just found out about Sefte Living, the place to go for exquisite bed linens and throws, and I'm not gonna lie kids, I considered selling one of my kidneys for a bed that looks like these.

Just look...

They say that they are all about luxury and they aren't kidding!

Happy Thursday to you all! Remember to treat yourself to a little piece of luxury today.



  1. wow, they certainly not kidding - this is stunning kelle! right up my alley!! jxoxo

  2. I love nice bedding and think it's worth the splurge. Try selling plasma instead, it will take longer, but, hey, no scars, right? LOL!

  3. Chic vs confortable... they aren't kidding at all...
    The first picture is a charm.

  4. That first bed is magical! Have a gorgeous weekend! x

  5. Sell that kidney, girl! GO for it! JK :) But I certainly understand your bedding lust. I'm right there with ya- that's some pretty fabulous stuff! LUV the big tassel-y blanket (in the first pic) especially.


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