Sunday, August 1, 2010

Is Bigger Always Better??

This question has been rolling around in my head a lot lately. As we fix up our home I find myself wondering, how long will we live here? Is this our first home or our forever home? Is this house big enough to suit our needs?

The more we do to our house to make it ours, the more my answer is becoming that this house is our forever home.

So....Is BIGGER always better??? When it comes to my bank account, probably. I mean, I wouldn't argue. When it comes to my home, is Bigger better? Probably not. After all, who is going to clean this bigger house that I dream of? Me.

Is BIGGER really all that necessary?

Will a BIGGER home mean more "WOW!" in my life? No.

In fact, a bigger home will probably suck the "WOW!" right out of my life. I mean what says "WOW!" more than some left over money to go on vacation?!

I'm not saying "WOW!" every time I mow our yard, so would I be "WOWED!" to mow a bigger one? Probably not folks.

My husband often tells me about these teeny pre-fab homes that are about 300 sq feet. At first I scoffed at the idea. Who wants to live in a 300 sq foot house besides a three year old??

Turns out a lot of people would like to live in a house that small.

There are some really cool designs out there and people are making it work.

I could decorate these homes with a $500 budget no problem!!

I want to take a peak inside this book too:

By Mimi Zieger published in March 2009

It looks incredibly interesting!


Look at what the Indianapolis Museum of Art has been up to:

What looks like an iceberg in the middle of a lake or a half-melted marshmallow is actually an experimental living structure inhabited by art students. Indianapolis Island is an art piece created by Andrea Zittel and inhabited this summer by art students Jessica Dunn and Michael Runge. It is one of the eight works of art in the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s 100 Acres art and nature park.

About 20 feet in diameter, Indianapolis Island is a tiny house made of fiberglass and foam that examines the daily needs of contemporary human beings. For the next four summers, the island will be occupied by one or two commissioned residents who are local art students. They will collaborate with Zittel by adapting and modifying the island’s structure according to their individual needs.

They have access to the museum’s Visitor’s Pavillion where there are restrooms, and they also have an emergency sawdust bucket for late-night bathroom needs. They are able to stay cool because of the good insulation of the island and the white color that reflects away the sun. The door and window provide air flow from the cool lake water. They cook with a solar oven, a small grill and use a cooler for their food.

Dunn and Runge will get a lesson in sustainable living during their stay from mid-June to mid-August on the island. Their plans are to grow their own food in floating pots, make their own furnishings, generate electricity with a bicycle and receive messages from others via floating capsules.

The tiny floating island will also allow visitors. When the students raise a green flag on the island, guests may ring a bell on the shore to signal their desire for a tour. Visitors will then be picked up in a row boat and given a tour highlighting the efficient living space. When the island’s inhabitants are not giving tours they will create a message-writing centers for visitors to author their own anonymous messages, which they will release in floating containers which look like little floating islands of their own. The messages will then be posted on Dunn and Runge’s blog.

Is this Country taking a turn from "I can't get a big enough house or a big enough car!" to "Enough is enough already!" ?? I'm not sure. I will say that I like where this is going.

Is it crazy? What do you think??



  1. so I am most definitely a small house girl, of course that can change one day. Although our home is not this small I think it would be fun to do.

  2. I do love small, Kelle, even though I do glamour all the time on my blog. In real life, I much prefer small and cozy, I've lived in a few studio apartments and actually loved them, even! Small is good (and economical and enviro-friendly!). XO! That art exhibit is sick!

  3. what a cool post kelle - really enjoyed it!! love the lokk of that little houses book too. jxx

  4. Hi Kelle, this girl went from seriously big to a lot smaller and is very happy in her smaller space. Have a great week! xoxo

  5. Kelle! How are you dear? Just dropping by to say hi! I hope everything is fine with your Dad now!

    Kisses from Sao Paulo - Brazil

  6. So glad you all liked this post! I definitely want to read this book. It's on my Christmas list.
    Carmen, My dad is still recovering, but doing much better. Thank you so much for kind thoughts! He is still very sleepy, but his blood pressure is normal. So glad you stopped by to say hi!!

  7. I like the idea of these tiny houses and really being conscience about how we use our space and how much we really NEED. I think the era of the McMansions should be done and over with.

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