Monday, August 23, 2010


How about Framboise for a paint color?? It is that DELICIOUS Fuschia color that is calling your name from the inspiration board.

It is quite possibly the color of the closet I am working on for Buddy Holly and Ms. Jolie.

I mean, just say it. [frɑ bwahhhh]

Do you not feel super fancy when you say that word? Wouldn't you feel super fancy if you walked into your closet and you knew that that was the name of the paint color on your walls?

Look how these ladies are workin it framboise style

Conde Nast

Here are some pretty convincing interiors that are just sealing the deal for me:

Some orange and raspberry perhaps?

So, what is Framboise anyway??

It is the fabulous French word for raspberry. OR Frambozenbier, a Belgian lambic beer that is fermented using raspberries. I think that since this color has a direct correlation with beer that it should be suitable for the likes of a man as well. It's pretty simple. Framboise=Beer=Man

Recently, Framboise has become popular outside of Belgium, and can now be found in pubs and supermarkets all over the world. I'm gonna try it. I am also gonna try it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. Thats right. Don't laugh.
I'll bet who ever laughed at the root beer float guy isn't laughing anymore :)

I thought I would leave you with these...

Macarons Chocolate et Framboise

Can't wait to show you this closet! We start in late September and this is gonna be fun :) Hope you are having a fancy framboise kind of day.



  1. Hi kelle! Im waiting to see your new work. Love framboise and turquese whith some pearls.~
    I will never associate framboise to some beer, lol!
    The thins they get...


  2. This makes me slightly hungry. Love the color! I could see me using it as an accent color, especially with turquoise off setting it, but I am not sure I could swing it as a wall color. I don't think I'd know how to decorate with it! Though I love it in these images :)


  3. I'm suddenly in the mood for raspberry sherbet!

  4. wooooooooo simply yummie. love the combination with turquois!

  5. YUM! To all of it, to every last delicious inch of this post!!!!

  6. Love this color! My guy is all about browns and tans, but maybe I could get away with it in a bathroom, or closet as well :)

  7. Frambwah ha ha! Love it! So gorgeous, I am a huge pink fan! XX!

  8. Hi Kelle, what wonderful color inspiration here. I am confused honey, where is the chest on my linky???

  9. I just drank framboise last night!!! I'm catching up on blogs instead of working - SLAP MY HANDS ALREADY!

    Love you! Framboise kisses!

    PS - I think that color will look MAGNIFICENT with the greys you've been showing for their bedroom. Beautiful job!


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