Saturday, August 21, 2010

Black Walls

The article on Flair in the latest Lonny added some major fuel to my black room fire! Lucky for me I am working on a black bedroom for my friends Paul and Diana, a.k.a Buddy Holly and Angelina Jolie. My excitement for this room is now nearly explosive! Watch out!
I mean just look at this place....

Can someone please help me attach my jaw back onto my face?!

These pieces were some of my favorites and couldn't resist sharing. Now all I have to do to attain one of these lovely items is use some of the black paint from the room and smear it on my face so that I can rob a bank and not be identified. That's all.

So....why go black?

Black walls create an intimate environment and provide crispness and elegance.
Paired with white trim a black room references classical architecture and acts as a dramatic contrast. Black and white combined are timeless and versatile. With black as a backdrop you can mix and match items from any time era. I am especially loving brass antiques against a black wall. Whether it be an old brass pharmacy lamp or a tinged with time brass frame.

Would you go black?



  1. Would I go black? In a heartbeat.


    The princess of darkness ;)

  2. thinking of black interiors makes me normally gloomy but these are beautiful examples of how black can be used! have a great week Kelle x

  3. I am obsessed with black walls! Absolutely I would, no question!

  4. Such gorgeous choices! I would absolutely go black, its stunning and bold, and can be totally cozy! Love it!


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