Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Who Knew?

{Please don't look at the paint line...there is a plate rail going up that covers it soon:)}

This is NOT a picture of something cute that I did with my drapes. This is a picture of my drapes in boot camp. Did you know that if you want consistent folds every time you pull your drapes back that you have to TRAIN them??? I sure didn't. My mom knows this little trick and she DIDN'T TELL ME! I found it in one of her sewing books and immediately yelled out "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT I HAVE TO TRAIN MY DRAPES??!!"

That is the equivalent of letting me walk around like this:


I did not go to school for Interior Design. My education is in the Fine Arts and they didn't discuss training your drapes in drawing class. I am sure that had I gone to design school I would have had this tip in my pocket a long time ago. This tip may not suit your project time line for some clients because it can take up to 3-4 days for heavier weight fabrics. If your projects are anything like mine I am towing the line to get those drapes up and complete the room without three to four days to spare :) But, now that I know, I can get the drapes up and trained before I am finished.

Here is what you do :

Open the drapes and crease each pleat. Be sure the creases are even and straight. Once you are satisfied, loosely tie a length of fabric around each side of the drapes to hold them in place for at least 72 hours. I took my steamer and held it up to the pleats for just a few seconds to help the creases hold. After 72 hours, remove the fabric and open the completed drapes.

...Now my mom tells me it usually takes two people to do this. One person to make the creases and one person to hold them in place before they are tied up...Once again she tells me important information AFTER I did this by MYSELF!!

You can read more here:

Hope this was helpful to some of you :)



  1. Really! That's crazy! I have heard of stuffing balloon drapes with tissue to get them to puff out, but never this! Good to know, this could come in handy!

  2. ooo, man i had no idea!! so evidently my arse is hanging out too!!!

    thanks kelle's mum, you're the best :)


  3. Oooo how interesting. I had no idea myself! What a lovely little trick to learn.


  4. Hi Kelle, thanks for following me. I See your blog on "codigo de birra" and i love all your posts!!
    Sorry, i don't speak english a lot!
    You are a beautiful mum!!
    And i love your pillows, i will try to make one for me.
    Kiss kiss

  5. Very funny post Kelle! Love the picture of the girl with her skirt in her panies. Any girl's nightmare. Yes, you totally have to train drapes. I only know this b/c I used to work in a custom drapery store. That's where my love of fabric started.

  6. Okay Kelle I'm here to let you off the hook. I did study Interior Design and I still didn't know that little trick. You are such a helpful and fun blogger:) I'll keep reading to get more design tips...Carol


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