Sunday, June 27, 2010

Roberta... Say What??

I LOVE blue and white!! I just can't get enough of it lately.

I am going with blue and white decor in my front living/dining room and I have been dreaming of painting the walls back to white. I know. GASP!!! We're gonna keep this little dream of mine between us, because if I even utter the words "re-paint" and "living room" in the same sentence my husband will surely flee!

I was extremely excited and surprised to find inspiration for my dining/living room in the July issue of Lucky Magazine. I spied a little napkin by Roberta Freymann of Roberta Roller Rabbit under the little section titled "party tools". I have to say the crazy name caught my attention and I couldn't get online fast enough to see more!

Here is what I found at

Placemat for table. Check.

Mismatched napkins. Check.

Coordinating quilts and baby blankets too!! Oh my!

I know it's not blue and white but I couldn't resist the colors in this one!

Beach bags and vanity pouches!

I'm not gonna lie kids. I love me a pareo!!

There is just so much to love on her site!

...I don't know about you, but I wanted to know more about where the name Roberta Roller Rabbit came from. Here's the scoop:

The Legend of Roberta Roller Rabbit and the discarded fabric (the discarded fabric is below)

Roberta Roller Rabbit was named for a fable Roberta found on discarded fabric in a basement in India telling the tale of Roberta Rabbit. Fun and whimsical Roberta put two and two together!

Here's the story! It is PURE GENIUS I tell ya!!

Roberta Rabbit clicked on her wheel three times and glitter shot out from behind her. Woosh! The moment her right rollerboot felt her weight it took off. ‘Stop!’ Roberta shouted, ‘I still have the other boot to put on. But where did it go?’ Up in the tree tops a clunk clunk sound was heard. ‘Magnus Monkey is that you? Did you take my other rollerboot? Here, have these banana slippers instead! But Magnus Monkey had no intention of giving back the new toy! Then Uppity Unicorn said ‘Would you like my prettiest tunic?’ Magnus Monkey delighted with the new outfit, gave Roberta Rabbit back her rollerboot! ‘Now you will be Queen of the Night, Roberta Roller Rabbit,’ Uppity predicted. And that evening at the Rollerdisco, Roberta Roller Rabbit took off with grace.
And so began the legend…

There is ALWAYS a reason that we see and hear certain things. Sometimes we see something we like and the image just gets filed away in our brain somewhere. Other times we see something and it sticks with us. It makes an impact and it inspires us to do something great.

I hope you stumble across something fun and whimsical today!



  1. man her fabrics she's used are cool. love the colour! jxx

  2. That is so cool! Love the story behind it! I'm with you on the blue and white - love! And I totally get it with the husband, I found an amazing hot pink room that I'm now obsessed with, waiting for the right time to spring it on him! XO!

  3. Did I hear someone say paint....??!!
    Oh dear, here we go again.... :)

  4. Beautiful. Love those blues...thanks for the whimsy:)

  5. Blue and white just says summer to me too!

  6. Beautiful finds and loved learning about that crazy name!

  7. The quilt would make a really great throw blanket for a sofa or even a tablecloth for a small table.

  8. i've done two blue and white outfit posts on my blog. it reminds me of this post!

  9. I am also currently in love with the blue/white combination. I say wait until your husband goes away either for work or for the weekend and paint it. I'm a huge fan of white walls...Carol

  10. This is quite whimsical indeed! What a lovely little legend! Where do you find thee things? I found the story interesting and the site AMAZING. The fabrics are fabulous!


    p.s. Be sure to enter my $50 CSN store giveaway!

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