Wednesday, June 2, 2010


In case you didn't notice in my previous post titled, Fresh, Bold & Sexy, I LOVE my friend Jessica Bailey!

I mean I love her soooo much that I named my daughter Bailey! We have been BEST friends since the day I accidentally poked her boob with my pencil in our 8th grade art class. Kind of hard to explain that little incident...she about to sit down next to me and I stood up at the same time while holding out my pencil... and there it happened...POKE! It was meant to be. Any other girl would have gotten pissed at me, but Jess just laughed. We immediately became best friends and have been giggling non-stop ever since.

Jess has been working really hard on a brand for me and she has sent me some proofs for my calling cards: I LOVE them all!

Notice the nest.

Not even I realized just how fitting a nest would be for my brand!

I mean DUH! I have only been nesting since the day I was born! Before I became a professional nester, I spent my days making fabulous rooms for Barbie!

Now for a Relevant and Funny Story:

Our old art teacher, Mrs. Trimmer, would yell at us for talking and giggling too much. One day we were being extra loud and giggly and Mrs. Trimmer yelled "JENNIFER and Kellie!" That only made us laugh harder because she called Jessica, Jennifer.

This post goes to show that even though we giggled our way through art class look at what JENNIFER has gone on to do! So take that Mrs. Trimmer!

Here are my favorites:

Is she EXTREMELY talented or what?!

P.S. Jess and I have spent many hours dreaming of our future business together where FABULOUS design will come together with Green Materials and doing good for others. Someday it will come true, even if some people won't hire us because we giggle too much!


  1. Such a cute post! I love how you guys met! A boob poke that ended in lasting friendship. What could be better than that? ha ha. Love her designs. I have yet to explore your blog more, not sure what you design yet. I will have to check out her blog too. Thanks for stopping by mine!


  2. What a sweet story of you and your friend!! I love all of the business cards. They are really nice.

  3. they look perfect kelle!! love the fresh colours, they're gorgeous. jxx

  4. I love that you posted our friendship story here! I can't wait to get all of the ducks in a row on your brand!

    PS - thanks for being so complimentary and supportive! I love you!


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