Monday, June 14, 2010


I have been tossing around ideas on what to do with this:

My fabulous ten dollar find from Goodwill.

I wish this was a post about how thrilled I am to be finished with the chair...but it's not.

The other day I started tearing it apart.

I'm not really sure why, because the last time I had a discussion with myself about this chair I had convinced my "make everything really complicated" side to just slipcover the chair and call it a day. I guess my curiosity about what was underneath the fabric got the best of me.

This is what I found:

I am intrigued. It reminded me of this photo that I fell in love with from the May issue of House Beautiful:

I love this image because those chairs just pull you in. They make you stop and look and study them. They make you think. They make you appreciate how a chair is put together. They are kinda sexy a French Moulan Rouge/exposed garter belt kind of way. The juxtaposition between the glorious white fabric and the burlap and strings just makes my heart skip a beat!

This dining room was designed by Dan Marty. A GENIUS in my book. He is not afraid to take a risk. When asked by interviewer, Barbara King, if people think he is crazy for leaving those backs exposed, his reply was:
"Yep! But where they see ratty or unfinished, I see beauty, I see texture. I love looking at the burlap and horsehair and nails. When I see something like this in a store my heart just starts pounding. It's like falling in love."

My sentiments exactly!

I am dreaming of leaving the back open now. I love the texture of the bands and the blue stitching. I can just see the chair all done up with pure white linen and the beautiful back exposed to a floor length mirror leaned against the wall behind it.

Something crazy that I realized the other day is that my ten dollar find looks nearly exact in shape as this painting that I did back in 2003. This chair was just meant to be mine!

I guess if you paint it, it will come, one way or another.

Hope you are all having a great week!


PS I posted my find over at to join in on the linky party.


  1. I love the idea of the exposed backs. Any time I see burlap my heart skips a beat. I say go for it. What a great deal from the Goodwill.

  2. That is quite the find. Wow! I'm sure no matter what you do with it it will look great:)

  3. It will definitely be a conversation starter in your home if you leave the back exposed.

  4. Its funny I love the exposed unfinished look too - its so filled with dramatic promise, texture and intrigue - love the post :)

  5. Oh yes, you must leave that. That is a dream come true discovery!

  6. I have to agree that it's fabulous. Give it a try and see how you like and definitely let us know how you feel about it.
    Love your blog...glad I found you!

  7. Lovely idea, I agree would definitely be a conversation starter! But I am not sure I could have it in my own home, I need to have everything polished and finished! It is almost a compulsion for me!! :) Hazel

  8. serendipity working its beautiful magic there! it's a fab chair!! jxx

  9. love the idea of keeping the back open! I just adored that image in HB.

  10. i really like the idea of keeping the back open and think it would look great with a tailored skirt as well. this is such a fabulous chair, you really can't go wrong!

    thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! you're on my radar now. :)

    ps--love "moon river" and the "nestfluffer"

  11. This is such a fabulous idea! I bet you can pull it off, can't wait to see the pictures! Oh, lovin' your mixpod, Kelle, Heavy Cross is one of my favorite songs these days!

  12. It's funny how that works are going to make some fine looking chair...the shape is cool. Thanks Kelle for your feedback, I have a follow up to it all posted fact your chair is a perfect party link up for my garage salen thrift store, etc party....

  13. Hi Kelle, thanks for joining in....Is this your first linky party? If you could just add my link to your post saying you are joining in that would be do not have to do the buttons or anything my link is good:)

  14. That sweet chair is quite a find and I am sure it will look lovely no matter what you do with it because it " has great bones" if you know what I mean!! LOL!!


  15. Wow, that's really interesting! I've never seen the back of a chair look like that. I can't wait to see what you do with it:)

    Found you at Debbiedoos Garage Sale Partay and am your newest follower:)

  16. Thanks everyone! I need to get to work! This will be an adventure :) Hopefully it will be done soon I mean before 2011. Just kidding. I think.

  17. Yes it is there, that is how you can do it....when I first came over it was not:) Glad to see you are making some new friends....I have the best gals in town!

  18. Sorry,I just don't see the beauty in this. But that is my opinion and you have yours. If that is what you love, then do it! Love the shape of the chair, though.


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