Thursday, July 1, 2010

What if Buddy Holly Married Angelina Jolie??

My friends Paul and Diana are the equivalent of Buddy Holly and Angelina Jolie...married...happily ever after. Diana may be surprised to know that she is Angelina Jolie in my eyes, but its true. Just like Ms. Jolie, she is a beauty who is also compassionate, and at the same time pretty darn scary!

Paul reminds everyone of Buddy Holly. He is super quiet and happens to be a genius artist. He frequently makes me laugh so hard that I nearly wet myself! I love that he doesn't even realize how hilarious he is. His quiet and gentle demeanor would have you guessing that he is a graphic designer who works in an contraire mon fraire! He owns a tattoo shop and creates art that is of the permanent, love it forever, or else laser removal will happen sort. He does incredible work and you won't see colorful "airbrushesque" tattoos like his anywhere else.

Here is a little sample of his work:


You can see for yourself over at .
I wouldn't trust ANYONE else to put something permanent on my body....EVER!

So....what would Buddy Holly and Angelina Jolie's bedroom look like?

We're gonna find out!

Now that you know a bit about them here are some inspirational pictures for their room design.

The above image is from A great design blog! I would check it out if I were you!

These two images are from
Another blog that I frequently visit and LOVE! Do yourself a huge favor and go check it out!

In case you didn't notice, we are going DARK! We are mixing some vintage with some rock and roll and throwing in some glamorous decadence!
What I love most about working for this couple is that they aren't scared to take a risk. We won't be playing it safe on this one!

This is going to be a fun ride and I will share all of it with you!

Next up will be my design and mood boards. Stay tuned!


***these pictures are from all over the place and it would take me nine years to retrace my steps, so they are what they are, and they came from some great blogs and websites. If an image is from your blog drop me a note :)***


  1. GREAT! inspiration. I love all of the dark accented rooms, I can't wait to see the room!

  2. Kelle! I just die! I LOVE black rooms so much, I am pretty much obsessed with them! These are gorgeous, cannot WAIT to see what you do, this sounds like so much fun! XO!

  3. How exciting, and great inspiration pics here. Your friends sound kinda peeps!

  4. I can't wait to see your beautiful creation. You are brave to use such dark colors but I'm sure it will be gorgeous. Best of luck!

  5. Can't wait to see the finished room. Buddy and Angie are going to be thrilled!

  6. Thanks everyone! I am super pumped about this room! We are doing a fabulous closet too! A closet that is about the size of my daughters bedroom!

  7. Loving the inspiration and the links too!

  8. love these picture kelle!! after painting a wall in my bedroom black, i just am so loving these dark rooms right now! happy 4th weekend darl, have fun. jxx

  9. That lime and black and white is gorgeous! Have a gorgeous weekend xx

  10. You are hilarious! I can always count on an entertaining post from you.


  11. oh tooo much to take in :)) happy 4th of July Kelle xoxo


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