Monday, May 10, 2010

Update: For My Love of Doors

One of my Mother's Day Gifts was for my husband to hang up our "honeymoon door". The story about how we purchased this door while on our honeymoon is in the previous post.

So here she is. We hung her up right outside the kitchen in the perfect place. The best part is that you can see it when you walk in the front door. I absolutely love it and it means so much!


Thank you dear!!

This is one of my favorite sayings:



This is a closeup of my daughter's lovely contribution:

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Can you tell how happy she is to be allowed to draw on the walls!




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This has worked out perfectly for all of us! I need to be surrounded with things that have meaning and this door is chalk full of memories and character! Nothing brings warmth to a room like a time worn treasure!

Hope you all enjoy it as well. If you are inspired to do something similar send me some photos!


P.S. A helpful safety tip for those with toddlers: Put on a clear coat with a matte finish on the door before you hang it up. These old doors are pretty much guaranteed to have lead paint. A thick clear coat ensures no chipping and therefore no paint snacks for babies ;)


  1. Does this mean, children do not run the risk of knocking the door down on themselves? If so, I liked it better when it put people in harms way.

    Concerning doors: They are really interesting. in the past I have only used them in entryways, for privacy, and to protect myself from the outside. Although now, I have been thinking that they would make a pretty cool headboard.

  2. LOL! Sorry...No more falling down on small children! Magdalena will be disappointed! Poor thing!
    I hope I see an old door in your house when I come visit...and you sitting in some old leather library chairs with a pipe!

  3. I always new you would make great use out of that old door we found...I think it looks darn perty! You did a good job and I'm proud of you;)

    And you should also point out that the hardware to hang the door has been recycled as well.

    Good job sweetie - you ROCK!!

  4. Looks GREAT!

    Have you been able to determine how old the door is?

    I think there should be a picture of you writing on your door too!

  5. What a cool door/story/place to put it! Love your little artist!

  6. Thanks everyone! I have no idea how old the door is. I wish I knew it's whole story.

    PS I forgot the word "the" in my saying. It should be For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. Im special!

    Today the door says : I heart Sherri Sheppard. Because I do and I read an awesome article in MORE Magazine.

  7. Love the door!!!! Can't wait to come over and see it! Another possible project is very similar. A photographer friend of mine put this on her blog of a recent wedding she shot.

    They used the window for the guest list and seating chart!

    Great job!!!!!

  8. Thanks Andrew! I have two old windows to use up and another door to put somewhere. More stuff from our honeymoon! I'll check it out

  9. I love that you sanded it down! It looks so amazing!

    PS - I think your blog is so inspiring and it makes me want to move to Wisconsin NOW!!! You might just get everything you want! ;)

    Way to be an inspiration on all levels! You are amazing!

    And - I need a copy of those pictures of our girl writing - they are TOO cute!

  10. How awesome is that? I always wanted an old door just about that size...what a find, I love it, and how useful too, look at your future mini me artist!


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