Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Project: Front Living /Dining Room

Today I am switching gears to our front living room.... which is also our Dining Room, office, and kid's play area. The living and dining room just run right into each other. You can't tell where one room ends and where the another begins... so they must be friends and work together nicely while complimenting each other. I already have a start on this room but it's missing a couch, some lighting, some artwork, some accent tables, and lots of personal touches.

One of my FAVORITE pieces that I will use in this room is a desk that my husband built.


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What I love about it is that it is a desk in disguise. It can go anywhere. It's a console, a chest, a sideboard, and a desk all in one! You can put all your desk clutter in the drawers and store your laptop in the top drawer. The printer is hidden in the cabinet. The "office" is wherever I decide to put it, instead of devoting an entire room to the typically cluttered and sloppy space.

When you don't have a ton of get creative :)You gotta shake what ya mama gave you!

My goal is for this room to be welcoming and extremely functional. After all, it is a living room, office, dining room, and kids play area! Can you say storage solutions galore?!?!? I also want to showcase some of our favorite collections from our travels together. This should be interesting...and by no means matchy matchy!!

Some inspiring pictures: All of these rooms are from my inspiration library. (most are from old Pottery Barn catalogues....big surprise there!)

I love the botanicals and the chair in this one!

I absolutely adore this settee and the mix of botanicals in this one. I can't remember which magazine this is from...sorry!


We do not have a fireplace in this room but I am drooling over that mirror and I like the lamp in this shot. Again, same magazine as the above, don't know it's name ;)


A daybed instead of a couch perhaps??? Interesting and completely functional.



I would like to display things that are randomly thrown together in this room. Like this Antique aluminum bowl with a wooden bowl made by Nick's grandfather, George, and some wine knots thrown in with some antlers. Why not? I'm sure I'll change my mind next week and throw something else together ;)

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Here is a sneak peak of the Inspiration Board:

The paint color is Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage. It is actually a great neutral color that has quite a bit of blue in it. It goes well with other neutrals like ivory and beige and allows bright colors to POP.

Project Deadline: mid July...hopefully sooner!


P.S. Do any of you use Picasa and does it randomly mess up your blog? I'm wondering if it is even worth using.


  1. Fabulous inspiration! In love with that daybed!

  2. Boy Kelle you have some great inspiration here. From what I am learning about you, your mind is a total inspiration all the time, you will come up with something awesome! Thanks for stopping by today. Been yard salen!~

  3. Loving the theme you're going with there. I'm sure it will look fabulous, and can't wait to see more.

    That piece your husband made is amazing! Talented guy.

    I don't use Picasa. I upload images in normal old blogger since they changed draft bloggewr cos i hate it so much. I then save it and go into draft blogger to edit. Bit of a pain!

    hope you had a great weekend - i saw you dropped by Mariska's blog glad you did, it's a great read. Just like yours!


  4. Thanks everyone! I forgot to mention that the desk was also made by my Dad! It was the first project that my dad and my husband worked on together. They make a great team. I always thought I had to have a boy just for my dad and then I realized that I already gave him one!

    Jules, I love Mariska's blog too! Her story and her pillows are amazing! So glad I stopped by. You have so many great diversions! As for blogger, did you notice how messed up mine is? I have no idea how to fix it. Grr!

    Debbie, Yep, my wheels are always spinning! Sometimes its a pain in the butt because I can't keep up with it all :) Can you see why I laugh when people ask me, "don't you get bored staying home?" I don't know what being bored is!

    I'm so glad you all stopped by! I find you all so inspiring as well! Meeting amazing people is the best part of having a blog!

  5. Kelle – I love the direction. Your inspiration board is an inspiration for MY inspiration boards. It's SO beautiful! I think I might print out that photo and put it up at work.

    I can't wait to shop with you in June!


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