Sunday, May 16, 2010


I need your opinions on this fabric.

I am thinking of using it to upholster the headboard in our master bedroom. I like how the colors go with our soon to be turquoise chest. The one that will look like this:

when it's all done...which will be very very soon! All I have to do is attach the hardware!

I'm so deep into the design of this room that I can't see it anymore. Does that make sense? I need help from all of you because I know you have great taste!

Is this fabric a little Tommy Bahama? Does is say Florida? Does is say "hi, I'm a Hawaiian shirt"?? Too busy? Too flowery?

I know I like it. I have brought the sample to my home twice now. I just can't really SEE it. I'm just not sure if it really says "Kelle" all over it.

What does it say to you?

Thanks for helping me out!


  1. I like the fabric, I like the colors very much, and I think with the turquoise it will look great....are you adding buttons of pins to the headboard? I am just trying to envision it one large focal point, because it will be.....and are you putting anything over the bed?

  2. I am adding fabric covered buttons and possibly a nail head trim. I think the nail head may help the headboard appear more masculine. I'm not sure what will be above the bed. Maybe an old window, or this set of Manet drawings that I did, and possibly nothing since the chandelier is so pretty. I love the bright pops of color, but I'm not completely sold for some reason. Maybe I wanted something more modern and simple...but still bright like this fabric.
    This would be the only print in the room. Everything else is solid white, that slightly coral pink, and turquoise. The walls are a lighter version of the blue in the fabric and the ceiling is an even lighter blue.

    Thanks for leaving your thoughts! Sometimes I just can't see :) That is what friends are for!

  3. second try...blogger just freaked out on me...hope it doesn't come through twice.

    i definitely don't think it's tropical. i love the reddish chrysanthemum in there. really cute! i cannot wait to see your turquoise piece. i'm sure it will be stunning!

  4. I love it, its beautiful. But i would go for a edgy back drop to it. Maybe a painted feature colour behind the bed.

    I'm thinking about painting the wall behinfd my bed black at the moment. still working up to it : )


  5. Thanks Jules! Im also considering having a custom fabric done by papatoro on etsy. They are beautiful block prints! Wouldn't that be completely unique and fabulous?!!? I am doing an entire room for my friend in a dark charcoal gray. I can't wait! I'm so excited that they aren't afraid to go there. Make sure you post it if you do it!

  6. I think it will be gorgeous!


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