Sunday, May 9, 2010

For My Love of Doors!

For some reason I love doors.

Everytime I see an interesting door, I want it. I know I will not have a use for it...but I want it anyway. It's as if I need a large collection for all the future homes I will either decorate or own.

This addiction is similar to my fabric addiction. My mom always says, "whoever dies with the most, wins!" So if when I die, I have the most fabric and the largest collection of random doors...I win! Nana nana boo boo!

Now that I have paid a visit to my inner five year old, here are some of my favorite images from my fellow bloggers:


This robins egg blue door is from the blog:


This GORGEOUS turquoise detail of a door is also from the blog:


This photo is from

I kinda want a random cow to show up at my front door someday!

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This image is from Renovation Style Magazine, the Early Spring 2010 issue. I keep it around because it is my proof that it is common to use doors as accessories in a room! Some people just don't understand!



My husband and I purchased this door while on our honeymoon in Saugatuck Michigan about four years ago. We hauled this thing home in our little Jetta along with four or five old crates and an old window. The car was jam packed and we couldn't close the trunk. So we drove the whole way home with the trunk half closed thereby inhaling diesel fumes. Not the smartest. We know. But I had to have this door!

I have already painted it several times. The first color was a green called, Olive Leaf Green. Then, I threw on a coat of a muted blueish green called, Saybrook Sage. Then one day I painted half of it Navy blue and then decided I hated the color and stopped. So, there it sat, half Saybrook Sage, half Navy Blue. Ugly.

Yesterday, it finally occurred to me that the colors I was looking to see in this door are most likely already on the door. Duh. This door has seen many colors over the years. The perfect colors. Antique White, Robins Egg Blue, Shell White, Leafy Greens, and Dark Blues. So, I decided to take the sander to it and expose all of those beautiful colors. The added bonus I found while sanding away was that I really exposed all the previous lives this door has lived.

It is gorgeous! Look at all the beautiful colors!

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Stay tuned for some images of the door in our home. It's almost time to hang her back up!

Have a beautiful Mother's Day!



  1. Wow, so cool Kelle. Love yours, look forward to seeing the installed pics!

  2. WOW such a score on your honey moon, double score hubby then door! No particular order.

  3. that door looks a.mazing sanded! i love it.


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