Sunday, April 11, 2010

A LOVELY MESS INDEED! A fabulous "artpron"

This chick couldn't make creating a kitchen disaster look more fun or fabulous!

I fell in love with this "artpron" from Third Drawer Down (all the wrinkles are courtesy of me) quite some time ago. It's name, is appropriately, "A Lovely Mess". I'm not usually an apron kind of a gal, but putting on this apron makes cooking and cleaning a little bit less chore-like. Call me silly, but for a non-stop mom, a little touch of fabulous can go a long way!

Third Drawer Down and The Museum of Art Souvenirs Store is a storefront museum and place of trade in Fitzroy, Australia. They feature a curated array of art and designer products, the store functions as both showroom, design studio, museum and retail space with objects either hand picked from various popular cultural contexts or made by Third Drawer Down for leading Museums around the world.

They have expanded their selection since my last order and now you can find many more unique and artsy things for your home.

Next on my list are these mugs:

Don't know about you, but I know I could use a silly mug in the morning!

All images via CHECK IT OUT!!!


  1. Love both of these things, they would make my kitchen a happier place.


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