Monday, March 29, 2010

Let The FABULOUSNESS begin!!

My previous post regarding the Kelle Approved Master Suite was missing a few things. Some very inspiring things. Sometimes I think I have a design plan all together and then I come across some inspiration that just seals the whole deal.

Like these shoes from Old Navy:

These adorable and completely affordable shoes ($15) have provided me with the inspiration that was lacking in the previous post.

I love how inspiration can come from anywhere, at any time. In this instance I was picking up clothes off our bedroom floor (yes, I occassionaly put clothes on the floor, and then blame the messiness on my husband, you know you do it too) and voila! The shoes looked perfect with the carpet, the headboard, the wall color, and the light fixture. They brought the feeling of romance to the room, which is exactly what my original post was lacking.

Now here is how the design elements of the shoes can translate into the romantic elements of this room.

Will the chunky, flax colored linen sole, translate into a soft and luxurious upholstered headboard?
Will the silvery, scaly, faux leather flower translate into an antique mirror or silvery beading on a pillow cover? Will the soft peachy creamy cotton flowers turn into flowy drapes or ruffly pillows?

We'll see. It may sound like a lot of girliness going on for a room that needs to suit a husband too, but husbands tend not to complain much when the wifey is happy, AND after the romantic elements start working their magic :)

The previous design board for the room was also lacking furniture that felt personal and luxurious. Something made by us. Something glamorous, fabulous, and sexy. And what says "sexy" more than something curvy?? Here is what I am dreaming of:

Can you see it with this lamp on top:

It looks like a regular bedside table with some simple curvy legs, but it also doubles as a vanity when a mirror pops up like this:

I'm thinking it will be painted with a high gloss white or light blue paint (as shown) and be paired with a clear acrylic chair (no visual space taken) like this from :

Then, I want to toss on a soft, ruffly pillow, like this one from Pier 1:

Which brings in some inspiration from the shoes!

I know you're probably wondering why I wouldn't just go out and buy a similar bedside table somewhere. Well, the dimensions are both taller and wider than a typical bedside table so that it can also function as a vanity. Most vanities out there for purchase are too wide for our space and aren't within the budget of $200. So when you can't find something specific, you make it. What is better than a home filled with things you love and the things you made together :)

If you've seen something just like the table/vanity for less than $200, tell me where, my husband will surely thank you!!


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