Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Inspiring Fabric

One of my favorite things to do is digging around in the clearance section at any fabric store. It is often an excursion into the land of uglies, but you never know what you will find. This particular fabric by P. Kaufmann did not appeal to me at first, but then it started talking to me. It said "Kelle...take me home....I would make a fabulous handbag and I would go perfect with a linen shirt dress!! No...I did not drink my breakfast that morning!

A closer look at the fabric reveals it's lovely texture. It's also stain resistant and weatherproof!

I'm thinking a simple handbag with canvas and leather straps is exactly what the fabric longed to be. A little bit ugly but somehow still fabulous!

Maybe it will have a pocket on the outside with details that look like this:

Can't wait to go digging again!



  1. fabulous find! Enjoyed stopping by today - your kitchen reno is GORGEOUS! Happily following :)

  2. You done good on your digging!~ I love that fabric, all my favorite colors:) Happy Easter!~

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