Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project: "Dahlia" Dining Bench

Another item for my husband's to-do list...he REALLY REALLY loves me! This is the Dahlia Dining Bench that I designed to solve my holiday seating issues. It will be upholstered in a sage, blue/green color fabric, detailed with nailhead trim and will set atop five tapered legs. Unlike folding chairs, this bench is classic, elegant, and Kelle approved :)

I wanted more seating without spending $700 on an additional two chairs that match our existing dining set. So, after some online research, and some necessary evaluations of the dining area's space, and my lack of cash, this is what I came up with. The design was inspired by the "Martine" chair from Restoration Hardware, which costs about $300, and only seats one.

I wanted the coziness of a loveseat in the form of a dining bench. A dining bench makes the dining area feel like a living area, where you can sit and relax, eat some great food, and stay as long as you want. The bench can also be accessorized with pillows that coordinate with the nearby sitting area. Like this:

The greatest part about this bench is that it will cost a mere $200 to complete!!

No more folding chairs at holiday dinners!!

Project Deadline: Is Easter Brunch too soon???? A girl can dream!


  1. I adore that bench...has he begun? It reminds me of the Annie Selke settee at Horchow. I can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Thank you! i wish he could begin! Very soon, because I can't wait either :)


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