Thursday, March 11, 2010

From Backyard Scrap to Lamp??


This is a leftover chunk of vine from our backyard ( which could have been a GORGEOUS wisteria vine HAD THE PREVIOUS OWNERS OF OUR HOUSE TAKEN CARE OF IT!!) But they didn't, and we couldn't save it, so we had it cut down. This is what's left:

This vine also has a funny story that goes with it. I thought maybe I should share it. Hope you have a good laugh!

Here's the story:

One afternoon while Bailey was sleeping I decided it was the perfect time to take a picture of the vine.

Then I couldn't find the vine.

I EVENTUALLY found the vine... in the garage...CRAMMED between the wall and his HUGE air compressor. So, I tried to get it out. And then I tried some more. The stupid thing wouldn't budge! I quickly lost my patience. Don't judge. I'm just another mom trying to get nine hundred things done during nap time. Anyway, I decided to try shoving the thing up and out of the corner. Well, I shoved that mother up so hard I knocked out the release valve on the air compressor!

Imagine my reaction when the thing nearly exploded. It went a little like this,
"JE-JE-JE-JEEESUS!!!" Apparently when frightened I turn into a southern baptist!

I can't even describe how thrilled my husband was to get a call at work that went alot like this "I HAVE A PROBLEM (yelling because of the air compressor) I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO SHUT OFF THE AIR COMPRESSOR BECAUSE SOMEONE SHOVED THE VINE IN THE CORNER LIKE AN IDIOT AND I HIT THE AUTOMATIC RELEASE VALVE WHEN I TRIED TO GET IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ummm, I quickly learned that even if an air compressor is exploding in your ear, husbands typically don't like to help you out after you call them an idiot :) Since he is a very good man, he helped me out anyway.

Now what am I going to do with it?? A floor lamp perhaps...

A girl can dream!!

My husband is on board AND it's on THE SUPER LONG NEVER ENDING TO-DO LIST!!

Project Deadline: Midsummer, I dare say :)

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