Monday, February 15, 2016

Aubergine Obsessed.....

We were less than thrilled with Pantone's colors for 2016 so we declared our own....


When I chose Valspar's Antique Burgundy (might as well be Aubergine) for our powder room, I had no idea that we would fall so hard for the color.... we want it EVERYWHERE! changes so much throughout the day. 
Every time you go into the space you see a different color.
It's pure magic!

Put it with gold and it's like, "Heyyyyy!"

I can see this color working it's way into my wardrobe...

...I need to know where to get this coat!
This evil temptress link bore no Aubergine trench coat fruit!

Mindy knows what's up...

This color even makes my pasty self look tan, which is a miracle all by itself! 

Do you see why we're obsessed?!?!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

And Then BOOM!!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, building a house isn't for wussies.
I'm kind of a big wussy.

Not that I haven't handled all the stress better than I initially thought I would, I'm just saying there are times that will require a strong, adult-like person to make rational decisions and be....

I NEED that's totally fine if we don't have toilets...right???


You can't trust me!
I'm not patient and I certainly do NOT do responsible things with house money, like buy toilets and smoke detectors. I buy pretty lights and ceiling medallions and clear drawer pulls that don't even have a drawer in which to pull.

So, what I'm saying is, it's pretty much a miracle that we have made it this far. 
Especially with a view like this for more than five months....

Those bare studs are the exact color of depression.

Those five months, or however long it was, was NOT a fun time for the Dames.
More specifically, not for Nick Dame.
Here's why:
Me: "Nick, where are the electricians?!?!?"...." Nick, when are they starting the damn siding?!?!?"......  "Nick, didn't you say the garage doors are coming this week??? "Nick, when can we get some $@#% drywall around here?!?"

Nick: "Who's Nick?....I'm not Nick....I gotta go now..."


Nick Dame has been "traveling" a lot.
Nick Dame is smart.

Might I suggest going on vacation or completely leaving the planet and becoming a part time martian for at least the first five months of the building process? If you're as patient as me, there really isn't any point in hanging around to see any progress because the progress will be minimal and whatever progress there is, will be very raw.
Like, raw wires and raw plumbing and random holes all over the place that will serve some unknown purpose.
That stuff isn't pretty.
Just disappear.  For at least a month.
Everyone will thank you.

Besides, time flies when you're completely distracted by the Mindy Project, white cheddar popcorn, and your favorite wine glass that magically refills itself.

And Morgan.
Everyone needs a Morgan.

And then you'll come back and it will be like, BOOM!

Drywall will be up!!

Drywall is everything.
Drywall saves lives.

Plus, after drywall, things start to move along very quickly!

I blinked once and then we had floors...

I blinked again and we had recessed lights installed.

Then, I went outside and there was stone on the front of our house....

It was a miracle!

I can't even believe how fast this place is shaping up!
Sometimes, I'm afraid it's all a dream and I'll wake up to the bare studs again.
Only happy thoughts...

Like dreaming of Bailey's room.

Oh what fun that will be!!

Stay tuned! The good stuff is coming fast!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bailey's Room

It feels like yesterday we were finishing up Bailey's big girl room at our old house....

I miss her old room and she does too.

I miss the pom poms on her drapes and the bookshelves we could decorate. 
Now that we're starting over in the new house, it's a bit overwhelming when I think of all the layers still to come. It's funny how over time you forget how long it takes to pull things together and all the painful steps, like paint prep, that come with finishing an entire space on your own. Kinda like how women forget the pains of labor five seconds after giving birth.
Why is that??
I never learn.

Anyway, my daughter used to tell me that she wanted to go back to our old house.
I did too.
Since we've gotten so far with the new house, she says that she can't wait to move in!
I'm right with her on that one too.

Here are a few shots of her new room with bare drywall.
This wall faces East and will have a window seat and bookshelves some day.

We also plan on adding faux beams and wood slats on the ceiling.

Kinda like this....

How dreamy would that be?!?!?
I just need to find a huge pile of free wood.
Happens like every day, right?

This wall......

.....has the doorway to her bathroom and closet.
The area to the right of the doorway will have a small desk and a huge inspiration board!

This wall faces South and will have her bed between the windows...

I've had this headboard tucked away for almost two years now....

I found it at a flea market for $15!!!

I still need to spray it white, but for $15, I will get friendly with the spray gun.

We've had many discussions about colors for her room.
She is pretty consistent with wanting a light teal and possibly some purple, but she quite literally stated the other day, "I don't really want a color scheme, Mom. I just wanna kinda do every color and have it be fun. You know?"

I know.

I'm thinking her wall color is white and her ceiling will be light teal.
Icy Blue. To be exact.

Here is what inspiration we have so far:

I'm hoping she will see some fabrics or ready-made drapes that inspire her for all those windows.
I've spied a few myself.

Image via Anthropologie

I'm still such a sucker for pom-poms!

These have glitter woven in them!

Image via RHteen

What girl doesn't love that?!?

Black tassels!

image via RHteen

I need these in EVERY room!!

We let her pick out her own light fixture for Christmas....the boheme from PBteen..

....just like her Momma!
We definitely got it on sale and with some reward money because otherwise, BAM!
Momma said knock you out.

I can't even wait to get this installed!!
Did I mention they are priming the walls this week and the floor is starting to go in on Saturday??
My brain will hardly accept the fact that this is actually FINALLY happening.
Maybe after painting all weekend and my "painters arm" returns it will all sink in.

So, now you know my current shopping list.
Lots of paint, piles of free wood, pain meds, extra pain meds, more paint, and more free wood.

If you feel like painting.....

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pink + Plum??

In  case you couldn't tell from the previous post, we're in the stage of picking paint colors.
While I'm very excited, I'm also very indecisive.

My brain, which is totally fried at this point, is saying "all white everything!"

But then, I get big ideas....

Like a pink and plum powder room!!

I pulled together some of my favorite things, which included this pink floral painting from the very last Leggy Bird sale...... I'll always remember that day that I found out the Leggy Bird was closing.
I wasn't very happy about it but I have so many great and completely unique pieces from that little shop around my house that I'll never forget those fabulous days!

For this inspired color palette, I tried to find the deepest hue in the background, which in this case, would be a deep, dark, almost black plum . Then, I paired that with the highlight, a very light pink.

The rest kinda fell into place as I gathered up some more of my favorite things...

Pink Greek key trim that can be used as a roman shade border, and one of my favorite necklaces...

.......and the wheels just continue to crank!

I would throw in some modern fixtures for good measure....

I am completely IN LOVE with this one from the Lucent Light Shop.... better believe I'm gonna be pulling some strings to get one of these!

And if this faucet wasn't a billion dollars....

.....I would throw in one of those too!

It's golden luster is so tempting! Maybe there will be a 90% off sale some day.

Another must for the powder room is a perfectly patina'd bar cart to hold necessities...

Only $150 at World Market.

I am doubting it's fun circle-ness will fit in the powder room though.
Good thing we need one in every room so I can surely find a place for this one!

A likely fit from Pottery Barn...

but still needs to cost less than $300.

The never ending bar cart search continues.

This powder room is also supposed to have some sconces and they haven't found me yet either.
When the time is right, my friends, and not a second before.

So, now that I have all that figured out, it's about time I change my mind.


Where's the off switch??

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Have No Fear....

....when paint colors and tile selections are near!

Picking out every paint color and finish for an entire house can be a very daunting task.
It's much easier when you decide to just have fun!

Find your most favorite things and let the inspiration grow from there.

You can't go wrong if you're inspired by all the things you love!
Pick some colors our of your wardrobe.
I have a lot of classic black and white with gray and pops of pink and green.

My wall colors will likely be in those categories.

Do you have a few favorite patterns in your closet?

If not, go shopping and let your eyes find what they love!
It could be a shirt, a skirt, a towel. 
Pay no mind to price, function, durability, or any of those pesky details.
Just go where your eyes want to go and snap a picture with your phone or buy the item with the intent to return it once you match it up to some paint chips.

Use the patterns and colors in your inspiration piece on the walls or on small accents like, throw pillows and drapes.  

Finding a throw pillow or drapery panel that you can't live without is another way to determine your color scheme in a snap! Even if what you find is one of a kind and there isn't enough or it isn't the right size, just get it anyway. If you love it, you'll find something to do with it.

If you would wear whatever you find, then you should definitely use it in your decor.

I would wear this every day!

I'm just gonna have to buy 900 yards of it instead of a dishwasher and have drapes made for our office or master bath and then have my mom sew long fancy skirts like this...... 

for Megan and I to wear around the new house while we wash all of our own dishes.

Of course, we would have to wear our fancy skirts with this sweat shirt to even things out......

image via bow and drape

Because we're the laid-back-fancy kind of girls. 

If you have a husband or significant other that has an aversion to what you love, I don't know what to tell you. I just know that when I decide that I love something, there's no turning back. Plus, my husband is easily distracted by pickles and beef jerky so if I need him to forget about the huge floral drapes I'm trying to hang, I just lay out a trail of pickles that leads him out to the garage and I won't see him for days.

Floribunda even comes as a wallpaper!!

I'm in trouble.

If you're looking  for permission to go all out, we hope you found it here.

Get out there and try some new and crazy things this year!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Buh-Bye 2015.
I'll miss you about as much as sour kraut and the stomach flu combined.
I had to be an adult and deal with stress and set backs and depression and all kinds of not pretty things and my brain was really only designed to handle cuteness and flowers.
Which is why...
2016 is going to be AWESOME!!
All that hard crap is OVER!
We are so close to getting into the new house.
I can taste it!
No really, I taste drywall dust 24/7 and it's fantastic!
It's the taste of dreams and sweet, sweet freedom!
My husband's dream garage is coming to life...

I've never been so excited for another human being.
He has worked so freaking hard and for the first 10 years of our marriage he just did whatever I told him and basically got nothing in return except pickles.
He never complained either.
Don't people like that just make you sick?!?
I mean, he asks me to hold a ladder for him for like five seconds while he does something that isn't for me and the sake of pretty and I'm like, "Ugh! I hate thissss! Whyyyyy???"
And by some miracle he doesn't choke me.
I know. Saint. Nick.
Anyway, even the first few days of 2016 have seemed like a blissful daydream compared to the disaster that was 2015.
We had our first fire and hung out in our lawn chairs.
Bailey likes playing with drywall mud.
It's just in her DNA.
Next time we're totally making s'mores and having wine!
I spent some time designing our foyer while hanging out at the new KDI office in my lawn chair and realized just how perfect the southwest light is going to be for our creativity.

Believe it or not, I had no idea that the box window would be raised and that it would equal a window seat. Unexpected bonus! Wooooo!!!
Our move in date is right around the corner.
Don't ask exactly when that date is because I have no idea, but I do know that as soon as I have a working toilet, some light bulbs, a hot plate, the internet, and maybe a railing on the staircase (safety. duh.), people better get out of the way as I single handedly shove my couch through the front door because I mean business!
I hear that 2016 is not only going to be great, it's also the year of the paint maniac.
Guess who is in charge of painting the entire house, all the windows, kitchen cabinets, stair balusters, risers, trim, and doors??
It's me.
And at times, also poor Megan.
I will pretty much look like this until 2017.
BUT I'm so looking forward to it!!
I hope your 2016 is off to an amazing start and that you'll follow along as we continue on this crazy home building adventure!!
Wishing you the very BEST for 2016!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Meet the team!!

When I started my little design business back in 2011, I never thought that my life dream could be more than a hobby, let alone become large enough to support an office and a full-time employee. 
I didn't even really dare to dream!
Well, as if my clients and the great projects that have come my way are not blessings enough, when I asked a local design school to send me an intern, the only applicant ended up being the perfect one!
Miss Megan, a.k.a. "MEGGGGGANNNN!!"
After she volunteered for 75 hours, I couldn't let her go!
What started as a couple days a week, turned into five days a week and she feels like part of the family now.

Look at that pretty face!! 
Sometimes, I yell at her for being so damn photogenic.
I mean, it isn't fair.
Anyway, I seriously don't know how I ran this biz without her and somehow stayed sane.
Having a partner in crime makes the most tedious work seem fun!
Even when hand painting a Moroccan inlay design on mirror frames....

dab. dab. dab.

dab a lot. Then dab a lot more...until this happens...

This was the one single project that I heard her complain about.
The girl has worked through strep throat and fevers and didn't complain. She's basically a saint.
Sometimes, I even have to yell at her for never complaining because it makes me look like a big whiny baby.
I can't have that.
I know. I'm an excellent boss. You don't have to tell me.

We always work with our safety gear.....

..... because OSHA. duh.

Even if having a real employee is more expensive than my bakery and boot addiction, it's completely worth it!  At the end of the month when all the leftover money goes towards taxes and workman's comp insurance, it's all worth it to know that it's for the sake of making both of our dreams come true.
Not that I'm not over here not-so-secretly wishing that I was a thug boss that didn't care about following stupid employer/employee rules or anything because I totally am. I'm just not thug enough to break the rules.
I guess that since I do follow the rules, I am less likely to end up wearing an orange jumpsuit and having to decorate a jail cell with toilet paper rolls. I'll just have to focus on that because I can't even tell you how sad and lonely I would be if I didn't have Megan along on antiquing and flea market adventures. They just wouldn't be the same without having to cram Megan into the front seat.... that. Barely able to see around her.
Now, this trip in particular was a great success!
We spent hours at the Restoration Hardware Outlet testing out comfy dining chairs and deciding if we could use them as desk chairs where we could "accidentally" fall asleep after taco Tuesdays.
Now, Megan would never do that. NEVER. She never even looks tired.
I, on the other hand, look tired every day except Saturday and I have, as a matter of fact, fallen asleep at the office.... but only once! I may have snored a little too. I can do that though, I'm the boss!

Anyway, you may see some guest posts and appearances from Megan from time to time so you should all know who she is and where in the world she came from.

In other news, we have an official KDI mascot....

Sir Francis Arnold Dame
Instead of getting crepe paper one day, I got a puppy.
I don't know what happened.

He will also be making guest spot appearances on the blog from time to time.
Mostly to share his take on the use of plaids and skulls in decor and fashion...

He also works pretty hard..... sleeping...

...and staying fresh as a daisy!

He loves taking baths so much that he will nearly tear down the shower curtain to get in.
He takes his freshness very seriously.

Coming up next is some progress on the house and a kitchen makeover we are finishing up this week!

In the meantime, what was the craziest thing you ever brought home when you were supposed to be out shopping for something completely different?